"Enjoy,Art of fly fishing."

Spey casting at river Sai,Nagano prefecture,Japan.
"I throw it the same way in the same place, but this new rod feels like the line tension is different when the fly well sank.
The probability of escape after hooking well hung has also decreased. Learning and reflection in Russia, escaping to a big Atlantic salmon with a too hard tip, is very helpful. Thank you."
Rod:Maki Caenis design,Custom build spey rod.made in Japan.
Line:Next cast,WA 70.
Location:River Sai,Nagano prefecture,Japan.
Target of fish:Rainbow trout,Brown trout.
Season:Open full season.Catch & Release only.

Guiding my mentor,Char san.

"End of the day,Best season has come."
Thank you very much for visited to local side of Japan,
Kaizekan ryokan,Yoshino sushi from Boston,U.S.A.!!
More photos will be up load.

From September guide trip.


Introduction of the Japanese proverb this month.
"God lives in details"
We can pray while thinking of the customer's pleasing face even for simple tasks.

"The time of bliss."
Glamping at River Sai.
While listening to the sound of the river, I got a deep sleep...
When I woke up I drank dark coffee, walked and went to see the state of the river with a new fly just I tied.
I have not changed in the past and now. I love this lifestyle.

September 6,2018.Maki Caenis photo.

Autumn taste Nagano Prefecture!
Grapes, Apples(Shinano Gold), Pears, Chestnut picking, and Mushroom.
*Let me know,If you wish me to ONE STOP to buy those tasty fruits,Bagetables,e.t.c.

*Fishing condition.

*Mountain stream,

September Yamame with Maki net.
Rod:Semi hollow build,Model Caenis fishing guide service.8ft #3/4.

Yamame and Iwana.
Japanese mountain stream will be close the end of September,Because of Spawning season and to protect Yamame and Iwana.Not arroud to fish Yamame and Iwana after October.
The second generation hatch will also become popular! The average size of aquatic insects, larvae, adults is smaller than spring.
Yamame and Iwana will be start to eat bait fish,Even Yamame will start to eat baby Yamame from middle to end of September.When harvesting began, the signal of the beginning of the best season of Yamame and Iwana fishing. It is the last chance of fishing season big Yamame and Iwana.

Maki Caenis secret.
I want to share my experience,That learn from my home river,River YuKaruizawa,Miyota,and Sakudaira..Nagano Japan.
River Yu will join to river Chikuma.Which is the liongest river in Japan and my home water.
I learned swimming from my father when i was kids,Fishig,and date with...
Copy right?I don't care this time.

Maki Caenis 2 in 1.
Half dun,Half nymph.
Rusty dun and spinner. #18,#20. Floating hatch.
Nymph will float surface to hatch.
Floating nymph,Dun,and Spinner works specialy late evening and early morning.
The rise foam is dimple rise as nort moving.Easy for trout to eat.

Maki Caenis Crane fly.
Dry and Wet style.
Crane fly. #16,#18.
Yamame's favorite,Specialy after the rain or even rainy day.
There are 2 kinds of crane fly.One is smaller,Which is very populer,The other is bigger.
Which most of peoples saying that trout will not eat this size??
No way,Trophy Yamame LIKES it.

Maki Caenis Never sink ant.
Flying ant. #20 to #22. Flying ant also important after the rain.
There are 2 colors,One is black body,Which is populer.The other is Brown.Which is npot populer.And fish have good eyes,Even dark evening,The size and color must be correct.

Maki Caenis,Floating caddis plastic tube fly.
Caddiss flies. #16,#18.
There are so many kinds of caddiss flies hacth specially fall.This time,I want to share only 2 kinds.One is smaller the other is bigger size,Different kinds but similler color.
Those caddiss flies are wqell know as floating hatch.
Larva become pupa,Greenwish color.That pupa hatches to surface when it is getting darker,And the pupa float ONLY FEW SECOND to become addult fly.That time,Caddiss fly can not move,Can not escape.Because of that,Yamame likes to eat floating caddiss pupa.
Most of pupa hatches at surface and addulut caddiss fly will swin,Not to fly as they can not fly YET,Because need to dry wing!(It is also same may flies..)So,If you wading even not deep.You are escaping fish,Because of those caddiss flies will try to escape to land as they know how danger it is inside or surface of the water,and fish knows it.
Female is bigger than male.
Note body size.It is smaller body than wing size and we look at it from wing,Fish look at it from bottom...

Maki Caenis,King of Alexandra.

Using feathers from local zoo.
Special thanks to Mr,Satou san,
Kaikoen zoo,Komoro city.Nagano Prefecture,Japan.
Beetle. #18.
Alexandra wet!!
Dead drift,or,Swing it.

Maki Caenis,Rice snail.
Rice snail. #18,#20. Maki's secret.
After rise falmoing started.There are tiny rise snails i found from stomack,Without killing trout.
It is dark brown color,Oh,I am teaching my top secret fly here...

Maki Caenis.Tenkara Kebari.
Sakasa-Kebari. #12,#14. Using Japanese Pheasant feathers
Killer kebari for Yamame and Iwana.

*Main stream.

Wild Rainbow trout.Location:River Sai.

Rainbow trout and Brown trout.
Biggest caddiss fly start to hatch!Specialy evening rise is so exciting!I saw big fish rising it was just like salmon!Better fish quiet,Do not cast too far from biggining,You better wait till fish continue rising.

No day off September,I will keep fishing to catch trophy!!

Client voice,2018.Summer.
Teaching guide,August.

"I thoroughly enjoyed fishing with Maki san for a day near Nagano.He is a knowledgeable guide and skilled,patient instructor.
As a relative beginner,Maki san quickly ironed out wrinkles in my style and I now feel much more confident.
Maki's English is also very good.Highly recommended."
Best regards,
Dear Rob san.
Thank you very much for visited me Rob san,
It was hot day but am glad that you listen to me very carefull.
I know how it is very important to learn basic first.
Also it is very glad to hear that you go back with "confident".
Please do keep plactice and let me know any time if you have any question.
As i am here to help.
Thank you again for visited me.
Maki.August 25.2018.

Custom rods,Antique rod and reels.
10ft6in hand build.
Thank you sold.
Some of sales donated to Hokkaido earthquake with client's name.
Thank you very much.
We sincerely express our sympathy to all of you in Hokkaido.
We pray so that there is a God bless.

Photo;Japanese wild Rainbow trout caught &released day time,
Spring creek,Nagano prefecture,Japan.
Special thanks to my local fishing friend Murata san!!

Client catch.
Japanease wild Brown trout.
After the rain,High water and muddy color water.

Thank you very much for visited me.
Location:River Sai,Nagano prefecture,Japan.

Maki is an outstanding fishing guide. His local knowledge of the habits of Yamame (a landlocked Cherry salmon) and
Iwana (a river char) is exceptional and I had a great experience landing Yamame in a beautiful mountain stream on 7x and 8x tippet.
Challenging fish to catch as they are very wary, but we had a great day and brought enough to the net that I lost count (and, of course,
I busted quite a few more off!). In addition to a great fishing experience, I enjoyed Maki's friendly and welcoming personality and
he set up amazing traditional Japanese accommodations and meals that were almost as good as the fishing.
I would highly recommend him for anyone who wants to experience the unique and rarely fished by non Japanese anglers waters he guides on.
His English is excellent and he handled literally all the details.
He is a patient teacher and when I landed a particularly large Yamame we were sight fishing for in a tough spot on very fine tippet
he was more excited than I was! I highly recommend him!(From U.S.A.)

I was on a business trip to Japan and last minute, Maki was able to accommodate me in is full schedule.
I am a novice fly fisher and Maki was able to guide me to a beautiful section of a catch and release river.
I had a great day with Maki admiring scenery, supporting catch and release fishing,
caught fish and added to my fishing skills! Perfect !!Thank you again Maki.
Stuart New Jersey, (From USA)

I taught by my father about fishing and started fly fishing when I was 15 years old.
I read the book of Ken Sawada, the foremost girlfriend of Japanese fly fishing, and learned the basics of casting, tying and Wet fly fishing.
In the summer vacation of the 1980s at the age of 16, I stayed at for 1 week at The Dolphin's resort of Campbell river of Vancouver Island with the owner of Pro shop Char,Who is my mentor.For the King Salmon, and Steel head tour
I caught 19 pounds of King salmon for more than 30 minutes.
After that I decided to study abroad in Canada and majored in natural science. After having lived two years in Nelson B,C. and North Vancouver, I and my best friend fish Chinook after the class when i was in North Vancouver.I returned to Japan and after that moved to New Zealand's South Island for one year and mainly fished brown trout.
In December of 2017 I spent fishing every day with my close friend Brian to the north of the South Island for 20 days.
In June 2018 I went fishing for Atlantic salmon alone to Murmansk, Russia.Since June is a rainy season in Japan, fishing is restricted to the lake and the source section, so I took a break for the first time in 14 years of the season and went out for training. Actually I wanted to return to Canada for the 30th anniversary, but in the latter half of September and October because Japanese fishing is good I gave up for the client.
In 2004 officially launched a very rare English-speaking Flyfishing guide service in Japan.
There are an increasing number of clients in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, as well as Europe in recent years.
I am Christian, and in the summer of 2016 I baptized at Nagano Prefecture, River Sai.
I am single and I want to devote my life to Flyfishing and still fishing for over 200 days a year.
I am also a designer of Custom rods designs and sells single hand, switch ros, Spey rod, Made by carbon and bamboo.
I tie more than 1000 flies each seasons for Japanese trout and for clients.
I am also an avid collector of Antique tackle and sells it.
I like dogs since I was a child.
Hobby, trumpet.
Special skill, Breaststroke grade 1, Diving, apnea 25 m +.

Japan Red Cross first-aid rescuer

1st Atlantic salmon in my life
Makes me cry.
Russia trip,June,2018.

"Are you afraid of death?"
The doctor told my father that he had a life expectancy of two months. My father is a Christian and he is not afraid of death. Please do not worry about me either. It was already two years ago.
When I was thinking about the meaning of life on this world,
What is the thing that I want to do from the bottom of my heart before I leave this world rather than the dream I want to fulfill if I get older?
What is a suitable adventure to challenge by taking life?
When I became honest with my heart without concern for the public I decided to travel alone to Russia.

I met many Spey fishers,Experts from Europe, such as Norway and Germany, came to Russia for fishing Atlantic salmon fishing and had encounters and exchanges with lots of people.
They told me that it was the first time that they met a Japanese in Kola.
It is not the fishing which can catch easily so far, but fishing up difficult,Chalenging to catch Atlantic salmpon with my own,
It was the biggest challenge of this adventure but I would like to thank a lot for helping for me to a lot of peoples in Russia...

God doesn't require to succeed,He only requires that you try.-@Mother Teresa.

"White night".Russian sky never go to sleep.
Maki Caenis photo.

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