I was on a business trip to Japan and last minute, Maki was able to accommodate me in is full schedule.
I am a novice fly fisher and Maki was able to guide me to a beautiful section of a catch and release river.
I had a great day with Maki admiring scenery, supporting catch and release fishing,
caught fish and added to my fishing skills! Perfect !!Thank you again Maki.
Stuart New Jersey, (From USA)

"Try a horse by riding him, and judge a man by living with him."
Mongolian horse back riding is optional corse.

Canadian Kiwi English speaking,
Only 1 professional Fly fishing ,Tenkara and Center pin fishing guide,
Who spend more than 200 days at river,not only fishing,
Guiding place not listed in guidebook
Guiding Japanese local foods,Bear meat,Trout Sashimi,
Mongolian horse back riding,Glamping,and fish print Gyotaku artist in Japan.

Professional fly tier,Single hand,Spey casting instructor.
Representative of Yukawa Yamame Unlimited.
Komoro city,Nagano Japan Since 2004.

My Russian work room.

Visited Murumansk,Russia.
From June 1 till June 28,2018.
River Kola and Kitsa,
(Peoples told me that i am 1st fly fisher and fly fishing guide,
who visited and fished Atlantic salmon at Kitsa for 27 days...)
Many thanks for your kindly support,
Who i met peoples in Russia.

From 27 days fishing trip in Russia.

For the booking of Atlantic salmon fly fishing trip to Russia,
Middle of September till early October or Next Season 2019,May,June and July!!

Please send me e-mail,

Maki is an outstanding fishing guide. His local knowledge of the habits of Yamame (a landlocked Cherry salmon) and
Iwana (a river char) is exceptional and I had a great experience landing Yamame in a beautiful mountain stream on 7x and 8x tippet.
Challenging fish to catch as they are very wary, but we had a great day and brought enough to the net that I lost count (and, of course,
I busted quite a few more off!). In addition to a great fishing experience, I enjoyed Maki's friendly and welcoming personality and
he set up amazing traditional Japanese accommodations and meals that were almost as good as the fishing.
I would highly recommend him for anyone who wants to experience the unique and rarely fished by non Japanese anglers waters he guides on.
His English is excellent and he handled literally all the details.
He is a patient teacher and when I landed a particularly large Yamame we were sight fishing for in a tough spot on very fine tippet
he was more excited than I was! I highly recommend him!(From U.S.A.)

July 3rd to 5th 2018.
Glamping and Fly fishing,Spey guided trip at river Sai,
Up loaded to Event page,
July 8,2018

Please note.
Yamame and Iwana season will be close September.
Rainbow trout and Brown trout will be main target after October till next Spring.

Please note.
Yamame and Iwana season will be close September.
Rainbow trout and Brown trout will be main target after October till next Spring.

Client Iwana with Maki net,Caught and released Dry fly,Day time.
2018,July 13th.From 5 days guided trip.
Thank you very much for visited to local side of Japan from Seatle,U.S.A.!!

From 3 days Glamping Spey fishing guide trip.
2018.July,3 to 5.
Thank you very much for visited to Japan from New York,U.S.A.

2018.Spring photos.

Rod,Semi hollow build bamboo rod.
Reel,Hardy Fly weight,made in England.(Gift from client).
Line,Maki Caenis Signature Fly line WF3F.

Kaizekan onsen ryokan.

Yoshino-sushi,Haguroshita,Nagano prefecture,Japan.Higly recommend.

Photo:Nunobiki Hot spring,Komoro city,Nagano prefecture.Overlooking the Mount Asama. . .
We went to fly fish in Nagano prefecture which Maki. We arrived very late but he was waiting for us at the hotel to welcome us. The next morning we did a bit of leader preparation with very good japanese leaders and tippet that Maki is selling online and went to a Stillwater starter: We hooked a couple of nice rainbows and Maki made a beautiful ink print of it on Japanese paper. The next day we went fishing in a river and missed a few fishes. The lunch in a tatami room overlooking the river was extraordinary. The third day was spend on a lake in the mountains surrounded by a forest of beautiful straight, tall trees. The weather was wetter and we missed many fishes but enjoyed taking a few small ones anyway. We invited Maki for very enjoyable dinner and ended the stay with a very relaxing Onsen.
Phillipe san,(Clients from Hong kong.)

Sakura,Cherry blossom at Kaikoen park Komoro city Nagano Japan.

Custom build Spey rods,

Guiding my mentor at River Sai,He's casting under hand casting.
We fished King salmon and Steel head at Campbell river,Vancouver Island,B.C. Canada,Summer 1986.
He guided Japanese fly fisher men to B,
C.Canada more than 10 years.

River side Tatami room special lunch for clients.
You can eat real Japanese traditional food there while looking for river Chikuma.
Only May 10 to mid of July.Hard to book,
Limited course,Early booking recommended!!

Title "Slice of Heaven."

My fly fishing friend artist from Canada.Diane san.

Tied in hand by Mr,Jin Woo Lee from Canada.

Photo:Japanese Kamoshika. Protected species.

:Please note all clients:
When you booking your J.R.Shinkansen,you can ask them to book called "Green seat".
It is like 1st class seat,you can get more space.


Maki net model 10th aniversary.

* Gallery*

Four Seasons ... Japan,There are four seasons in a year.

t "Haru,"EEESpring.@@@@@@@@@‰Δ "Natsu,"EEESummer.

"Aki,"EEEAutumn.@@@@@@@@@@@@@“~ "Fuyu,"EEEWinter.

The river is best fished with an 8-foot length, 3-or 4-weight fly rod for Yamame and Iwana. 

Yamame and Iwana fishing season runs from February 16 to September 30.
Rainbow trout and Brown trout,Full season.

Rod:Alexsander Glants Viblation.12ft.
Reel:P.D.Mallock wide drum,
Line:Maki Caenis Signature Spey line 8F.at Lake,Maki Caenis Photo.

There also the opportunity to fly fishing lakes for Rainbow trout.
Here you have the option of fishing wading ,single-hand or spey.

Maki Caenis was born in Nagano and started fly fishing at the age of 15. 

Having lived in South iland of New Zealand for Fly fishing 1year,and lived in Nelson B.C.,North Vancouver Canada,2years.as student.

Majoring in natural science in B.C.Canada, and have graduated with a degree.

Help developed and honed his fly fishing and guiding skills along with trips to Yellow Stone National Park USA,

Campbell river,Vancouver Island B.C.Canada,

Prince edward Island Canada.

Maki guides and fly fishes more than 200 days during the season ,
the majority of the time is spend on the rivers and
lakes during the summer. 
Maki also owns and manages the Caenis Fly Shop.

Target of fish.
Yamame,Iwana,Rainbow trout,Winter Steel head,and Brown trout.

Season:Yamame and Iwana,16th of Feb to the end of Sep.
Rainbowtrout,Brown trout;At river All season.
Winter Steel head,October till Spring.

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