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Last secret Fly fishing country, Japan!!

"Enjoy,Art of Fly fishing,"
Maki Caenis Spey casting,Long bery spey line.
Rod:Hardy palakona 14 footer,
Location:Windy Home water,Japan.
Photo:by Kao.(special thanks)
Note:I'm not wearing waders.


Welcome to the best kept secret fly fishing destination in the world: Japan!
Maybe it’s because not a lot of Japanese guides speak English
but we have WORLD CLASS TROUT Fly Fishing here in Japan only 1.5 hours from Tokyo!
My name is Maki Caenis and I am bilingual in English and Japanese. 
I have lived in Canada and New Zealand and although
my English is a little bit rusty I can guarantee you will have a great trip fishing with me
in the Mountains of Nagano and Gunma prefectures.
There is a wide range of fly fishing in this area:
Learn to spey cast on lakes for large Rainbows and Browns
Target wild Rainbows in rivers and streams
Learn why our native Yamame and Iwana trout are so addictive to fish
My favourite fishing is for the two native trout of Japan:
Yamame and Iwana. Yamame are a land locked cherry salmon that are similar in temperament to steelhead
although much smaller and Iwana are a land locked sea-run char like a Dolly Varden or Bull Trout.
Pound per pound, these native Japanese trout are as explosive and hard fighting as any trout in the world. 
We often sight-fish for them in gin clear water similar to the methods of fly fishing in New Zealand.
It is so much fun. Come let me show you!

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Latest Maki net up loaded.
Please see Maki net page if you interested.

Plum blossoms bloomed in January.Very rare luck good,Never happened 70 years!!. 

Snowlines Lodge,Hakuba village,Nagano prefecture,Japan.

My client and friend from Australia (Brian Cooper) has written an article about fly fishing in Japan with me
which will be published in the next edition of Fly Life magazine!!
Please do non't miss it!!Specially who lives in NewZealand and Australia!!
Thank you very much Brian Coopersan!!

My client Brian san fighting Yamame!!

"Try a horse by riding him, and judge a man by living with him."

Title "Slice of Heaven."

Title:"River's Edge".
My fly fishing friend artist from Canada.Diane san.


Tied in hand by Mr,Jin Woo Lee from Canada.

Sakura,Cherry blossom at Kaikoen park Komoro city Nagano Japan.

River side Tatami room special lunch for clients.
You can eat real Japanese traditional food there while looking for river Chikuma.
Only May 10 to mid of July.Hard to book,
Early booking recommended!!

Enjoy,Art of Fly Fishing.

Photo:Rape flowers&River Chikuma.

Photo:Hot spring. Overlooking the Mount Asama. . .

Rod:Alexsander Glants Viblation.12ft.
Reel:P.D.Mallock wide drum,
Line:Maki Caenis Signature Spey line 8F.Maki Caenis Photo.

Photo:Japanese Kamoshika. Protected species.

Yoshino-sushi,Haguroshita,Nagano prefecture,Japan.Higly recommend.

:Please note all clients:
When you booking your J.R.Shinkansen,you can ask them to book called "Green seat".
It is like 1st class seat,you can get more space.

Dear all my Friends,Clients,Brothers.
Forgot to tell you,
I have free pocket Wi-fi which you can use FREE while when you are in Japan.

Fly fishing guide service in Japan,

Model Trophy Yamame,2015 Latest model.Thank you sold.
Maki net order.
Maki Net.
Hand made beautiful landing net build by Maki Caenis.Made in Japan
Maki net garally.

Maki Caenis Signature Fly tying vice.

Guide service,Clients photos.

Thank you very much for visited me from Seatle U.S.A.!!

Thank you very much for visited me from NewYork,U.S.A.!!

Thank you very much for visited me from U.S.A.!!
"Maki Caenis provided an experience that probably no one else in Japan could provide; tailored, English-speaking, one-on-one flyfishing guide service in the mountains of Japan. I had only one day to fish but my hope was to catch both Yamame and Iwana high in the mountains on light fly line. As a bonus, I was hoping to catch some of these natives on a tenkara rod using traditional Japanese techniques. Maki made all of this happen, and imparted good cheer and knowledge along the way." 

Thank you very much for visited me from U.S.A.!!
Client voice
Maki san is a very friendly, patient, and knowledgeable man.
I had a great day fishing and would highly recommend his guide service to anyone interested in fishing in Japan! You can tell he really wants you to get the most out of the day and has excellent advice for any beginner. Next time I am in Japan I will definitely be back!

Thank you very much for visited me 2days from Hawaii!!

Thank you very much for visited me from U.S.A.!!
We had a great day with Maki-san on the Kanna River on 5/3/17. Maki is a very friendly and knowledgable guide who will ensure that you are put in the best spots with the right flys to catch fish. We had a very enjoyable day with him regularly catching and netting Yamame trout. While the fees are different than what I am accustomed to back in the USA (you pay for flies, gas and lunch) it was overall a great experience. I would definitely recommend Maki to anyone who is visiting Japan and is keen to fish.

Thank you very much for visited me from Texas,U.S.A.!!
Had a great day on the Kanna river with Maki catching Yamame and Iwana. 
Maki was an excellent guide, getting me into fish with the right flies, all of which he hand ties, and made the right adjustments for picky trout.
In addition to a great day of fishing, Maki made my trip easy by arranging for my stay at a traditional ryokan inn that had great food, including bear and wild boar that the owner had hunted himself.
He also provided pick up and drop off to the closet station asking only that I help with the gas. This allowed me to take the Shinkansen out from Tokyo with no worries, and the whole trip was an easy day and a half.

I highly recommend spending some time with Maki if you are looking for a great fly fishing experience in Japan.

Thank you very much for visited me from Texas,U.S.A.!!

Thank you very much for visited me from Atlanta,U.S.A.!!

Thank you very much for visited me from New York,U.S.A.!
We had two enjoyable days fishing with Maki in Gunma Prefecture to kick off a short visit to Japan at the end of March.
We caught many Yamame on both days and a very nice Rainbow, all on 8X tippet. Maki very patiently answered my many questions as he helped me plan the trip via email. Although he charges for things like lost flies that many guides in my experience do not, there are no unpleasant surprises and he goes above and beyond to make sure you have a good experience. He handled all arrangements for local accommodations, greeted us at the station, and stayed with us the entire two days, which included some excellent meals and a visit to an Onsen in addition to the fishing. He sent us many photos of our trip and even went out of his way on a snowy evening to give us a ride to our next stop, Karuizawa, after our second day on the water.
If you are interested in fly fishing in Japan, book a trip with Maki on your next visit.

Thank you very much for visited me from Australia.

Thank you very much for visited me from U.S.A.

Thank you very much for visited me from U.S.A.

Thank you very much for visited me from U.S.A.

Thank you very much for visited me from Dubai!!

Thank you very much for visited me from U.S.A.

Thank you very much for visited me from U.S.A.!!

Thank you very much for visited me.

I was on a business trip to Japan and last minute, Maki was able to accommodate me in is full schedule. I am a novice fly fisher and Maki was able to guide me to a beautiful section of a catch and release river. I had a great day with Maki admiring scenery, supporting catch and release fishing, caught fish and added to my fishing skills! Perfect !!

Thank you again Maki

Stuart New Jersey, USA

Thank you very much for visited me from U.S.A.!!
Had tough conditions which often happen when you plan a trip far in advance, but I have enough experience to know Maki knows his stuff. In fact, I was surprised how much he had in common with my trout bum friends back in the United States. Not long after meeting he seemed like a fishing buddy I've know for years. Cold front gave us two rough days of fishing, but it started to warm and hatch started shortly before I had to leave and managed a nice rainbow. Will have to return for Yamame and Iwana. Despite the fish not cooperating, had a great time with beautiful surroundings.

Thank you very much for visited me from U.S.A.!!
Maki shared some wonderful spots with me and gave me a great appreciation for how best to fish Yamame using his bamboo rod. It was definitely worth the short trip out of of Tokyo.

Thank you very much for visited me from U.S.A.

Maki San is a great fishing guide with a vast knowledge of fishing in the Nagano region. There are very few people who can honestly say that they spend 200 days a year on the river. His time and incredible attention to detail on the water and surroundings has given him an intimate insight into the habits of fish and their ever changing appetites through the season. He is a knowledgeable and patient teacher, with good English communication skills.

Thank you so much for visited me from Chicago,U.S.A.!!
Special thanks to Snowlines lodge,Hakuba village,Nagano prefecture!

My mentor,Mr Yokokawa,Owner of pro shop Char visited me and guided him.
Thank you so much for visited me and thank you so much for such a great day from buttom of my heart!!

Thank you very much for visited me from Australia!

Thank you very much for visited me from Australia!

Thank you very much for visited me from U.S.A.
So glad that you caught Japanese native Iwana and Yamame,even it was your 1st time Fly fishing in your life!
Well done!!
Thank you so much for your Arrowhead gift!

Thank you very much for visited me from U.S.A. and Okinawa!
Thank you so mutch for everything!

Thank you so much for visited me again!!
I am so glad that you catch & released Japanese Yamame!!
Thank you so much for everything!!

Thank you so much for visited me from U.S.A.!!
C&R 45cm,37cm,Natsu Yamame,
50cm Rainbow trot!!
Well done.
Thank you so much for everything!!!
Client voice,
Maki is an outstanding fishing guide. His local knowledge of the habits of Yamame (a landlocked salmon) and
Iwana (a river char) is exceptional and I had a great experience landing Yamame in a beautiful mountain stream on 7x and 8x tippet. Challenging fish to catch as they are very wary, but we had a great day and brought enough to the net that I lost count (and, of course, I busted quite a few more off!). In addition to a great fishing experience, I enjoyed Maki's friendly and welcoming personality and he set up amazing traditional Japanese accommodations and meals that were almost as good as the fishing. I would highly recommend him for anyone who wants to experience the unique and rarely fished by non Japanese anglers waters he guides on. His English is excellent and he handled literally all the details.
He is a patient teacher and when I landed a particularly large Yamame we were sight fishing for in a tough spot on very fine tippet he was more excited than I was! I highly recommend him!

Thank you very much for visited me from Dubai!!

Thank you very much for visited me from U.S.A.!!
Client voice,
Thank you Maki San, I had a unique experience fishing for Yamame in Japan,
an experience I'll never forget.
The rivers are peaceful and their was hardly no one else around.
Maki was very patient with his instruction for me, as I am unexperienced in Fly Fishing.
Thanks again Maki, hope to see you again!

Thank you very much for visited me from U.S.A.!!

Thank you soo much for visited me from NewZealand!!
Special thanks to Moreporks.

Thank you very much for visited me from Hongkong!
2 Japanese beautifull Yamame & 2 native Iwana,Total 4.in hard condition.
Well done!!

Maki San is by far one of the most professional fishing guides I've ever met.
His attention to river conditions, fly life and rigging details were impeccable.
If it wasn't under his guidance, I would have blanked the day with only a visual appreciation of
Japanese beautiful sceneries. The day ended with 4 beautiful Iwana and Yamame.
They put up tremendous fights. Very much enjoyed the day!! 

Thank you very much for visited me from U.S.A. and Japan!!

Thank you very much for visited me from Canada and U.S.A.!!
Thank you very much for your kindlly comment!
We are brand new to fly fishing, and visiting Japan. We spent 2 awesome days with Maki.
He proved to be an excellent guide and an accomplished instructor. He introduced us to the proper use and
care of the equipment, the proper choices of leader, Tippet, and flies for the conditions and species targeted.
He showed us Proper casting and presentation techniques, line management, proper playing of the fish, and how to properly handle and release a trout. He took us to an impoundment where we put these new skills into action.
We caught plenty, and had a great day. We advanced to wooded streams where we learned to read the water and present properly. Success there as well. He has a lifetime of knowledge in the various patterns he ties.
After guiding us he will be busy replacing his inventory!
A great personality and kind person with a permanent smile as he teaches someone the sport he loves.
His English is good, and you will not be disappointed with his service!

Thank you very much for visited me from Australia!
Very nice to meeting both of you.
Client voice.
Its always a great idea to find a guide for your first time fishing in a new and different country, and recently I had the pleasure of fishing with the humble Maki Caenis.
Being only a couple of hours outside of Tokyo city, it was an easy decision to include a visit to the
Nagano Prefecture during our maiden trip to Japan.

It was our first time visiting the spectacular country of Japan and Maki san made every thing perfect and
simple, tailoring a perfect day of fly fishing, exploring new crystal clear fast and slow flowing rivers to vastly contrasting and incredibly beautiful scenic impoundments.

It was a fantastic introduction to the fishing in Japan. 
Japan is like a fantastic hidden gem, despite raining on the day, we had an awesome day
with plenty of great quality fish landed!,
with the trophy of the day, a spectacularly coloured 60cm FAT brown out of a tiny side stream.

His obvious passion for fly fishing along with his extensive local knowledge and
excellent understanding of the English language makes him a perfect choice for your next Japan fishing trip.

I can not thank Maki san enough for one of the best experiences of a lifetime, I look forward to my next visit to Japan
and fishing with my friend Maki san again in the future.

I highly recommend him, If your into fly fishing, I am confident you will have a great time!

Thank you very much for visited me from England!
Very nice to meeting both of you!

Thank you very much for visited me from New York,U.S.A.
C&R total 7 beautiful Yamame a day,Well done!
Very nice to meeting you.

Thank you so much for visited me from Vancouver Island,B.C.Canada!!
Very glad to meeting you.
Thanks for everything!I miss B.C.Canada!!
I just recently returned from a trip to Japan and had the great pleasure in spending a day (albeit rainy) fly fishing with Maki-san. He is VERY patient and knowledgeable, especially with this beginner/novice! Maki-san was very welcoming and always receptive to my needs as a newer entrant to this wonderful sport! His english is very, very good and he makes you feel very relaxed and at home in his home country! The scenery and countryside are beautiful and the people are fantastic. I would highly recommend Maki-san for any fly fishing plans you have in the Nagano Prefecture.Thank you very much Maki-san for the great day of fishing and I look forward to seeing you on the west coast of Canada soon!

Thank you very much for visited me from Australia!!.
Special thanks to Snowlines ski lodge Hakuba village,Nagano prefecture.
Maki provided an outstanding service for the two days I fished with him.
He is certainly passionate about fly fishing and Japanese nature/wilderness,
He is patient, knowledgeable and has excellent equipment that's suited well for the fishing you are doing.
His custom rods are really superbly crafted and perform really well!
He has a great demeanour and personality, is easy to get along with, fun to be around and his English is very good. Would recommend 100%.

Thank you so much for visited me again!!
So glad that both of you C&R Japanese trout at River Sai!
Thank you for everything!!

Thank you so much for visited me from Australia,
It was so nice to meet both of you.
Thanks for everything!!

Maki net model 10th anniversary,Golden trout & Rainbow trout in U,S,A.

Thank you so much for visited me from U.S.A. via Australia my Brother!!
So glad that you catch & released Japanese beautiful Native Iwana x 2.
Look forward to fish with you again next season!!
Thanks for everything!!!

Client voice,
I've fishing Silver Creek, Idhao, South Island New Zealand, County Mayo Ireland and I can tell you that my best fly fishing trip ever was with Maki Caenis in the mountains outside of Tokyo targeting wild rainbows and native Yamame trout. This is one of those thrips that you just have to do!
I went fly fishing with Maki-san in August 2014 and in short: it was an AMAZING experience. I cannot recommend Maki-san more highly. Fly fishing for native Yamame and Iwana is such a blast. I'm definitely going back again next year, it was that good! Maki-san is an incredible guide with a vast amount of invaluable local knowledge.

Thank you so much for visited me again,again,and again!!
Thanks for everything!!

Thank you so much for visited me from Australia!
Thank you so much for such a great day to mother nature.
Very very sad to say Good buy.
Hope to wet line toghether someday in near future.
Thanks for everything!!!
More photos up load to "Fly fishing diary".

Thank you very much for visted me from Australia!!

Thank you so much for visited me from Switzerland!!
"Hat trick" again,Congratulations.!!
It was he's 1st time even it was he's 1st cast Tenkara in Japan!!Special thanks to my home river.
Thank you again for such a great days...

Client voice,
"Had a great time in Nagano prefecture with Maki. He went out of his way to make my stay enjoyable.
He is very enthusiastic about his craft and very knowlagable.
I learnt a great deal while fishing with Maki.
Great guy, great guy, highly recommended."

Thank you so much for visited me from Oregon,U.S.A.
My youngest client Only 6years old, and he's father C&R Beautifull Yamame!
Total 10 Yamame,(6plus4) for 1day evening & 1 day! Well done!!
Thank you so much for such a great days!!

Thank you very much for visited me from Oregon,U.S.A.!!
"Hat trick" happened!!!

I am so glad that you catch Japanese Haya,Native Yamame,and trophy Rainbow trout on day time finaly!!

Very glad to meeting you,Thank you so much for such a great days...

Client voice,
I had a great time fishing with Maki - he is dedicated to making your trip a memorable one.
He was a big help during the planning process and when I arrived, he was ready to find fish!
I wanted to see a variety of waters and types of fish,
so we fished river/stream/lake and caught Haya, Yamame,and some nice Rainbows.
I learned lots and have a better understanding of the fishing that Japan has to offer.
I hope I have a chance to visit again someday. Thanks, Maki.

Thank you so much for visited me from England!
Very nic to meeting you.

Thank you so much for visited me from U.S.A.!!For Christmas guided trip!
Very grad that you catch & released so many trout in tuff season winter!
Very nice to meeting you!!
Merry christmas and Happy new year to all clients!

Client voice,
I had one of the best time fishing with Maki! He is very knowledgable and super friendly. He made my fishing experience one to remember for a long time... I would recommend his service to anyone... Japan is one of the best kept secrets in international fly fishing... I can't wait to go back.

Thank you very much for visited me from Deschtes river of Oregon U.S.A. professors,
Very glad to meet both of you and I am grad that both of you catch & released Japanese trout after bigh typhoon!!
Thank you so much for great days.

Client voice.
I want to oersonally thank you for being such a wonderful host on our trip North,
On all accounts friendship,hospitality,accomodations,food,etc-everything was terrific.

Thank you so much for visited me from Singer Paul & Japan!!
It was great to meet everyone and I am glad that everyone caught trout, included Tenkara fly fishing guide.
Thank you so much again!!

Thank you so much for visited me from Sweden professor!!

Very glad that you catch & released Japanese native Yamame and Iwana,
We went to Okushiga mountain stream jungle located deep in the Jou-shinetsu National Park,

From Nozawa onsen Nagano Japan.
Special thanks to Kawamotoya in Nozawa onsen Nagano Japan.

Client voice,

Dear Maki-san

It is always wonderful to visit Japan, the fantastic food and the friendliness have always drawn me back.
But this visit was extraordinary. The mountainous area in Nagano around Nozowaonsen holds some of
the most spectacular (and difficult) small stream fishing in the world. The one stream was a raging torrent
and the other was embedded in tunnel of trees. Truly some of the most beautiful scenery to fish in and
the trout themselves are stunning beautiful and unique. Even the lake fishing was fantastic, I have never
had to resort to 8x and 9x tippets before. I will be back again and hope you will take me to some of your
home waters and to try some of the food specialities of your area

Thank you very much for visited me from United States of America!!
Very nice to meeting both of you!!
Thanks for such a great day!!

Client voice.


Thank you so very much for a great day of adventure. I had a fantastic trip starting with the excellent lodging location, fun dinner with you and Andrew and finally fishing all day Saturday. I was a novice fly fisherman so I appreciate your patience and you guiding experience to make me feel comfortable and get me going. Hooking that first fish is a thrill that I will always remember. The scenery was awesome in the mountains and the day kept getting better as we moved to more and more beautiful mountain streams. I will never forget roping down the side of the gorge to get to your secret spot.

Thank you again. I cannot wait to see the picures-please send me a dropbox link.
My friends an fisherman buddies will be so jealous.

Thank you very much for visited me again,again,again and again!!
I appreciate that I could have met him in the river again,
Thank you so much for great day!!

Thank you very much for visited me from Hong Kong!!
Very nice to meeting both of you!!

Client voice.

We went to fly fish in Nagano prefecture which Maki. We arrived very late but he was waiting for us at the hotel to welcome us. The next morning we did a bit of leader preparation with very good japanese leaders and tippet that Maki is selling online and went to a Stillwater starter: We hooked a couple of nice rainbows and Maki made a beautiful ink print of it on Japanese paper. The next day we went fishing in a river and missed a few fishes. The lunch in a tatami room overlooking the river was extraordinary. The third day was spend on a lake in the mountains surrounded by a forest of beautiful straight, tall trees. The weather was wetter and we missed many fishes but enjoyed taking a few small ones anyway. We invited Maki for very enjoyable dinner and ended the stay with a very relaxing Onsen.

Thank you very much for visited me from Conneticut state of United States of America!!
Thanks for such a great days!!

Client voice,
I have never had the pleasure of fishing with someone quite like Maki san. From the moment I got off the Shinkansen, a warm smile,  a strong iced coffee and a seemingly endless array of stories and insight into the world of Japanese fishing culture awaited me. It felt more like I was going on a road-trip with an old friend, than meeting a guide for a day of fishing.The passion, pride and enthusiasm he has for his home waters and their native fish is immediately apparent and quickly becomes infectious. The willingness with which he shares his secretrivers and his proven techniques is unmatched by any guide I have ever met. The fishing is not easy and the techniques are decidedly unconventional, but Maki san's endless patience, constant encouragement and boundless belief that the fish of your dreams is just around the next bend makes every moment a pleasure. 

Thank you for sharing so much more than just your fish with me. I thoroughly enjoyed our two days together…both the time spent fishing and the time spent otherwise. You are one of the hardest working people I have ever met and I wish you the best of luck as you continue to build your business. But you are also one of the most likable people I have ever met. I don't think I have ever had a warmer welcome anywhere in the world. I feel like I came to you as a client, but left as a friend…and I can't wait to get back to Japan to fish with you again.

Best Regards

Thank you very much for visited me again,again,and again!!

I appreciate that I could have met him in the river again,Thank you so much!!

Thank you very much for visited me from Australia!!
Client Voice,

"On a recent trip to Japan I found myself with a few spare days.
As a keen fly fisherman I had heard that you could fly fish in
Japan but I wasn't sure where to start. This is where Maki was
a godsend.
After finding him through his website, a quick email was all that
It took to get the ball rolling.
As Maki can speak English fluently, communication is a
breeze. He can tailor your trip for whatever fish you are after.
You can fish for the local Yamame or Char, or for big
Rainbows and Browns.
I wasn't sure what to expect but I ended up having one of
the best days fly fishing in a long time. The scenery was
amazing and the fishing was just as good.
Maki is an excellent guide who's patience with his clients
was amazing. His calmness when fishing and ability to pick
the right fly ensured that we would catch fish, and catch fish
we did!
Thank you Maki for giving me one of the best days fly fishing
and I look forward to fishing with you again soon.

Thank you very much for visited me from England!!
Client voice,
Thanks Mike for a wonderful days fishing,it was great sport.
You were knowledgeable and were exellent company throughout the day and really added to a memorable experience.
I will make sure to look you up when I retern to Japan.
Best wishes,

Thank you very much for visited me.

Thank you very much for visited me from United States of America!!

Thank you very much for visited me from Hawaii!!
Client voice,
Have gotten a permit posted.
Japan deserves serious consideration as a fly-fishing destination.
The cultural assets, traditional inns (ryokans) and cuisine are obvious draws
and an easy sell to the non-angling companion.
While the country's central portion may not have vast undeveloped spaces,
its river systems are nonetheless stunning and intricate.
Shrines, picturesque towns and fun cities are seldom far from the water,
but these are often insulated from one-another by folds of mountainous terrain.
And unlike beat setups or private riverfront, access is virtually unlimited.
During a recent ski trip marked by some poor conditions, I located Maki Caenis
and spent time with him in Gunma Prefecture and Nagano.
His local knowledge and flexibility enabled us to succeed despite
challenging, early season conditions.
He has an excellent command of English as well as both single and two-handed techniques.
His adaptation of two-handed methods for smaller species and rivers is instructive.
He ties, product tests, advises on rod building
and in general has got fish on the brain - in particular the native Yamame.
He is a patient and hard working guide. I will cast with him again.
Scott Padavan MD. Oahu, Hawai'i.

Thank you very much for visited me from United States of America!!
1st client who visited me from the foreign countries,

Special thanks to Urban Angler in New York city.

To go to northern Nagano would be a great choise specially for beginner. or,if you are staying in Hakuba
There is hatchery,private river and ponds you can fish Rainbow trout and Brown trout.
It will takes about 2and half to 3 ours drive depend on road condition but will worth.
Also,The good things for beginner is,You don't have to wear waders this course.
Season(Including winter) :All Seasons

* Gallery*

Four Seasons ... Japan,There are four seasons in a year.

春 "Haru,"・・・Spring.         夏 "Natsu,"・・・Summer.

"Aki,"・・・Autumn.             冬 "Fuyu,"・・・Winter.

The river is best fished with an 8-foot length, 4- or 5-weight fly rod for Yamame trout and Char. 

The Yamame and Char fishing season runs from February 16 to September 30.
Rainbow trout,Full season.

There also the opportunity to fly fishing lakes for Rainbow trout ,here you have the option of fishing from a boat or wading ,single-hand or spey.

Maki Caenis was born in Nagano and started fly fishing at the age of 15. 

Having lived in South iland of New Zealand for Fly fishing 1year,and lived in Nelson B.C.,North Vancouver Canada,2years.as student.

Majoring in natural science in B.C.Canada, and have graduated with a degree.

Help developed and honed his fly fishing and guiding skills along with trips to Yellow Stone National Park USA,

Campbell river,Vancouver Island B.C.Canada,

Prince edward Island Canada.

Maki guides and fly fishes more than 200 days during the season ,
the majority of the time is spend on the rivers and
lakes during the summer. 
Maki also owns and manages the Caenis Fly Shop.

The target of trout

Yamame trout main,Char,Rainbow trout.

Season: Yamame and Char,16th of Feb to the end of Sep.
Rainbowtrout;At river All season.Lake except winter.

Hollow bamboo rod ,Hand made Maki Staghorn Net &
Japanese beautiful Syaku Yamame.

5 reasons to hire a guide.why?
1, It is much safety.
2,Guide can speak English.
3,Can save your time and money.
4, There is a wealth of fresh informations.
5, There is knowledges, confidence and experiences.

Before we fish Yamame,Let me talk about some things seems to be possible to share with.

・ Please do not wear over the summer and fall clothes black colors, and the colors red, cap, and a hat.
In Japan, have bee having a very strong poison. I will see if there is always safety in the preview for the hive, when you encounter any chance, is because these do not stimulate the bees.
・Do not look at the bees. We are a black eye, especially Japanese. again,. Bees will attack toward the black,Also includes hair color black.That do not stimulate the bee is always important.

For stalking.
Yamame are sensitive to sound. Let 's walk always quietly. Let's talk quietly.
Yamame is also sensitive to color. Please do not wear the shirt of a showy color.

・Yamame is also sensitive to speed. Please drop the line speed as much as possible. To move the head of the Yamame is early birds. Yamame so he know it, They hate things in the instinct to move fast.So again let's drop the line speed.

Eyes of the Yamame is good. Use the 7x main. Please do not hooking whether strong. Is sufficient not to cut your tippett, in moderate light hooking.

Reading the water,

Natural drift and drag.
・Yamame usually does not like drag. Of dry fly fishing is especially please try the natural drift.

It may be necessary for that not to turn over the line. It is called a trick cast.

But paradoxically, Yamame have been repeated a release,
For the hatch of caddis, and prefer the drag may flies, on a windy day.

Slack line.
Please be careful always Slack line. Slack is required for natural drift, for good hooking will also need to remove the line slack...

Photo:Reverse U trick cast.Attention to the tip of the fly line.

After the rain

Rise after the rain may be,possibility for a flying ant.and/or for Terrestrial insect such as beetle.

Often happens after the rain super hatch of crane fly.

Polarizing lens.
Please do not forget to bring polarized lenses.
May be to site fishing.
The dimming polarized is best.

・No need to bring "Distance"rod for Yamame,Please use soft action rod for long tippett. and for rolling fight,head shaking. Your old cane,bamboo rod or even grass rod works very well for Yamame.
・It doesn't matter if disk drag reel or click, I enjoy old reels sometimes for fun.
Please use if you like so There are bamboo rod and carbon rod for Yamame dedicated.
Depending on the location of the guide, you can use up to the main rod of 9ft from the 8ft. Also enjoy a switch or spey rod. Length is around 12ft.

Fly line,
・There are rental tackles included fly lines which I designed for Yamame.But if you wish to bring your fly line,Please bring floating #4 for dry fly and #5 for Nymph,Wet,and Streamers. #3 is most populer here in japan but I like #4 better for windy day. Long rear taper will helps you mending,roll cast,also for single handed spey cast. No need to bring heavy sink tips for Yamame.

・The length of taper leader I use 9ft, 10ft and 12ft.sometimes I use 15ft but not so much.

Will be continued...( I will write)
Casting angle.
for example,your text book said back cast in the 10 o'clock, to stop at the front 2 o'clock,Please forget.
Opened, at some point with backspace, at 11 o'clock the back cast, let's take it to the front at the 3 o'clock position.
Will be in contact with the water in the middle of a turn leader or tip of the fly line, it is good.
This technology, it will be important if there is a flow early point in front of the complex and still requires a dead drift in particular, please remember this when fishing Yamame rise.

Please relax and not always use excessive force.
Casting is not intended to do by force.
Please concentrate on fly flowing.

I use the wrist to the casting.
Since this is actually faster to get a look, please request the day if you wish.

Japan is a cold water, fish cold as well.
When you touch the fish please make sure your hands is cool enough, let's take some picture.
Quick release, can be done safely.

You may be totally different to experience Fly fishing maybe.
So, come visit your mentor when you go back home to your country, please ask them to reset to forget these things. This is very important.

Fishing license
There are two types of fishing licenses for roughly.
One thing a day ticket valid for one day,
Season ticket is valid for one season.
Most clients will buy a day ticket.
Advance purchase, purchase on-site fees are different, we recommend advance purchase.
You do not need a photo for a day ticket.

By the river, please follow since there is regulation of catch and release only in the rule.

Option course you can choose is,There is a river of brown trout sashimi that can eat and rainbow trout. Winter is particularly recommended.Please tell me even if it can bring back and,or to eat is the first choice.

We can do 1st day lesson,2nd,and 3rd day guided fishing.

Guide area,
Do you will be the guide in Yamanashi Prefecture and Gunma Prefecture and Matsumoto?
Yes, I do guide those area.

What you should bring for guide trips.

1.Rain Coat

2.Polarized glasses.

3.Waders,(We have Men's M size and wading shoes size8 for rent.)

Please let me know if having wader is your problrem.We recommend to go to north Nagano for guide trip.

No need to wear waders there.

4.Rod,reel & flies will be provided.(flies are not included for guide fee)

Hollow bamboo rod ,Hand made Maki Staghorn Net &
Japanese beautiful Syaku Yamame.

When you booking guiding,We will ask you some questions, Please let us know...
NO1. Is this your first trip to Japan?
NO2. Is price your only concern?
NO3. Do you right-handed? or,Do You left-handed?
NO4. You would like
winding reel with either hand? Does not matter which hand?
NO5. Do you want to fish Yamame?or, Do you want to fish Rainbow trout?Do you have request?
NO6. Do you want a pick-up to the Shinkansen station in Karuizawa or Sakudaira?
NO7 Do you have food allergies? Please tell me if things you like food and drink.

Please tell us in addition to such requests.

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