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We are located in Nagano Japan.
For the trains, use Hyperdia
Click on the English link, then enter your information.

Your start point is:
Narita Airport
Haneda Airport.

Your destination is:
Sakudaira station.
It will give you a list of possible routes, number of transfers (if any) and cost.

Link:JR east Shinkansen

Link:about Karuizawa.

Link:Haneda air port.
Link:Narita international air port.

There is also international air port in Nagoya.
Link:Central Japan International Airport.

When you taking reservation ,
Please ask us for Free Pick up service.
We will pick you up at
Karuizawa or,Sakudaira station@and will give you ride to Rodge.
Winter will be able to go to meet you at Snowlines lodge in Hakuba.
Please feel free to ask any questions.
Have a nice trip!!

Best fishes,
Maki Caenis



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