Main Ryokans.

Fujinoya Ryokan,Gunma prefecture,Japan.

Our inn is close to Ueno village office ・ Fuji-dong, 1 minute walk to the Shinkawa River, so you can enjoy sightseeing, sports, river play, fishing etc.

I would like to enjoy the moment of relaxation and relaxation, touching nature in such a feeling that I came to the house of a rural relative.

Also, please enjoy handmade dishes that have plenty of ingredients unique to Ueno village and Fuji Nojiri.
I am waiting for the coming of everyone from the bottom of my heart.

Commitment to cooking
Straddles cuisine (Jibie cuisine)

I am proud of dishes made with wild boar, deer and bear caught in the mountain in the village. Among them, boars, deer are high protein, high iron content, low calorie.

Please enjoy delicious and healthy mountain feasts.

The view from the room River Kanna is entertained with seasonal clothes.
Japanese Style Room 20 rooms (2 rooms with bath and toilet)

- Amenity -
Television, kettle pot, tea set, air-conditioning,, toothbrush set, wash towel, bath towel, yukata (with toilet)

Kaizekan Ryokan.
Haguroshita,Nagano prefecture,Japan.

A taste and contact inn.
It is a ryokan nestling on the shore of the Chikuma river.
Please relax at outdoor hot springs and medicinal plants.
We hospitality with Saku carp and river fish dishes.

Nunobiki Onsen Ryokan.

Komoro city,Nagano prefecture.

Tsuruya Ryokan.

Komoro city,Nagano prefecture.


Hotel Toyoko inn Sakudaira station Asama-guchi.
Very close to Sakudaira Shinkansen station.

Snow lines lodge.

Hakuba village,Nagano prefecture.

Le Bocage Cottage Hakuba Echoland Chalets.

Hakuba village,Nagano prefecture.

Panorama hotel.

Hakuba village,Nagano prefecture.

Some of the sales will be donate to Yukawa Yamame Unlimited Japan.
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