Had a great day on the Kanna river with Maki catching Yamame and Iwana.Maki was an exellent guide,getting me into fish with the right flies,all of which he hand ties,and made the right adjustments for picky trout.
In addition to great day of fishing,Maki made my trip easy by arranging for my stay at a traditional ryokan inn that had great food,including bear and wild boar that the owner had hunted himself.
He also prvided pick up and drop off to the closest station asking only that I help with the gas.
This allowed me to take the Shinkansen out from Tokyo with no worries,and the whole trip was an easy day and a half.
I highly recommend spending some time with Maki if you are looking for a great fly fishing experience in Japan.
(From U.S.A)

Guiding my mentor,Char san.
Location:River Sai,Nagano prefecture,Japan.

Guide service,Nagano prefecture main.
Sakudaira station.
Hakuba villasge.
Matsumoto station.
Nagano station.

IFirst of all, please make a deposit.
After that we will arrange arrangements such as arrangements for inn.
Especially for customers who use my service for the first time,
I will make an official reservation at the time of receiving the advance payment.
Reservations are on a first come first serve basis. We are closed only one pair per day.

I recommend you to book more than 2 days.
Some clients book 6 days.

please note i only guide one pair per booking.

Go to booking page.

Client photos and review.

Nakadana-sou.Onsen Ryokan.(Traditional Japanease style inn.)
Komoro city,Nagano prefecture,Japan.

Japanease wild Rainbow trout with hand build Maki net,Caught and released by client after the heavy rain.

Thank you so much for visited me from Newyork,U.S.A.!!
Very nice to meeting you!

I posted a request for fishing guides near Tokyo a few weeks back.  I was fortunate enough to find Maki Caenisfs website.  After a 1 hour and 20 minute ride on a bullet train from Tokyo to Sakudaira,we had a great two days fishing for rainbow and brown trout and a beautiful indigenous trout that has crossed with the rainbows.  Like the small number of exceptional, passionate guides I have had the pleasure of wandering streams with over the years, Maki has an amazing spirit and it was an experience spending time with him.  If your heading to Japan, Makifs email is makicaenis@gmail.com

Mr.Tristram san.From NewYork,U.S.A.
October,11th and 12th.2018.

Dear Tristram san,
Thank you very much for visited me and local side of Japan.
We went to Gunma for Hako Steel head 1st day,Had good takes many times,
But 2nd day,It was after heavy rain.and even that,We never give up to catch trout.
I learned from you that there is happiness in the familiar,Which most of peoples,Fisher men dream about far a way from but i realised how our home water,Nature of Nagano prefecture,Peoples who works at Ryokan,Great foods...
Thank you so much again for visited to me and to Nagano prefectre,Japan.
I look forward to see you again some day in near future.
Please take care.

Best fishes,
Maki san.

"I thoroughly enjoyed fishing with Maki san for a day near Nagano.He is a knowledgeable guide and skilled,patient instructor.
As a relative beginner,Maki san quickly ironed out wrinkles in my style and I now feel much more confident.
Maki's English is also very good.Highly recommended."
Best regards,
Dear Rob san.
Thank you very much for visited me Rob san,
It was hot day but am glad that you listen to me very carefull.
I know how it is very important to learn basic first.
Also it is very glad to hear that you go back with "confident".
Please do keep plactice and let me know any time if you have any question.
As i am here to help.
Thank you again for visited me.
Maki.August 25.2018.

Client catch,Day1st.Wild Rainbow trout.
Tackle,Winston BIIx 13f3 7wt rod with a Hardy Salmon #2 with a 540 grain Airflo scandi line.
Snowbee Salmon 16ft intermediate leader.
Fujino line,2x tippet.
Hit fly,No Hackle Caddiss dry fly.

Client catch,Day 2nd.Wild Brown trout
Tackle,Winston BIIx 13f3 7wt rod with a Hardy Salmon #2 with a 540 grain Airflo scandi line.
Snowbee Salmon 16ft intermediate leader.
Fujino line,2x tippet.
Net,Smallfish Crowsnest model. Made in Canada.
Hit fly,Maki Caenis wet muddler,Black.

Client voice,September 1 and 2,2018.
River Sai,Nagano prefecture,Japan.

ghMy wife and I had a great spey fishing trip with Maki san on the river Sai near Nagano.  Although the rains raised the height of the river, Maki san was able to get me on a couple of nice rainbow and brown trout.  Maki is an excellent guide and a lot of fun to fish with.  I truly enjoyed our two days on the water.  Although the water conditions were difficult, he was determined to get me on fish and he succeeded!  Maki san also has a real gift as a teacher and knows the art of spey casting.  He took the time to help me improve my casting, which I sorely needed.  He set my wife and I up in an wonderful local ryokan which we also thoroughly enjoyed.  I will definitely schedule another trip with him.   gh

 Dear Marv san,
Thank you very much for visited to Nagano prefecture,Japan.
gI am really pleased to share with you my knowledge and what I have learned in Russia, on the River Sai in Japan.h

Japanese mountain stream.
We saw big native Iwana swiming here.
Nagano prefecture,Japan.

Client 1 st catch on Tenkara.

My brother and I fished with Maki for two days at the end of September. We had a fantastic time learning many valuable skills and techniques while fishing in some incredibly picturesque places. We would definitely recommend his guiding service and plan to return in the near future.Niccolo san from Italy.

"Thank you very much for visited to River Sai,Nagano prefecture,Japan!!"

"Thank you very much for visited to river Sai,Nagano prefecture,Japan!!".

We are brand new to fly fishing,and visiting Japan.We spent 2 awesome days with Maki.He proved to be an excellent guide and accomplished instructor.
He introduced us to the proper use and care of the equipment,the proper choise of leader,Tippet,and flies for conditions and species targeted.
He showed us Proper casting and precentation techniques,Line management where we put these new skills into action.
We caught plenty,and had a great day.We advanced to mooded streams where leamed to read the water and present properly.Success there as well.
He has a life time of knowledge in the various patterns he ties.
After guiding us he will be busy replacing his inventory!
A great personality and kind person with a permanent smile as he teaches someone the sport he loves.
His English is goo and you will not be disappointed with his service.

I am Japanese American stopped by Nagano before my 17 year old American daughter and I visit my familly.
I hired Maki for my daughter's passion for fishing.Maki welcomed us.It was fasciating to see how he observes water and fish flow.He changed his hand made needle which looked like a piece of art every hour.Even I could fish a beautifull rainbow trout.Maki was so happy for us if he fished himself.
I needed to save before my trip but it was well worth to be with Maki.
Thank you so much for one beautiful memory.
I will keep in touch with you.(From U.S.A.)

*Single hand.

Target fish,
Yamame,Iwana.(From Feb 16 th till End of September.)
Rainbow trout.(Full season).

I have never had the pleasure of fishing with someone quite like Maki san. From the moment I got off the Shinkansen, a warm smile,  a strong iced coffee and a seemingly endless array of stories and insight into the world of Japanese fishing culture awaited me. It felt more like I was going on a road-trip with an old friend, than meeting a guide for a day of fishing.The passion, pride and enthusiasm he has for his home waters and their native fish is immediately apparent and quickly becomes infectious. The willingness with which he shares his secretrivers and his proven techniques is unmatched by any guide I have ever met. The fishing is not easy and the techniques are decidedly unconventional, but Maki san's endless patience, constant encouragement and boundless belief that the fish of your dreams is just around the next bend makes every moment a pleasure. 
Thank you for sharing so much more than just your fish with me. I thoroughly enjoyed our two days togethercboth the time spent fishing and the time spent otherwise. You are one of the hardest working people I have ever met and I wish you the best of luck as you continue to build your business. But you are also one of the most likable people I have ever met. I don't think I have ever had a warmer welcome anywhere in the world. I feel like I came to you as a client, but left as a friendcand I can't wait to get back to Japan to fish with you again.(From U.S.A.)


Target fish,
Rainbow trout and Brown trout,Full season.

Target fish,
Rainbow trout and IWANA,From May till end of October.

Maki provided an outstanding service for the two days I fished with him.
He is certainly passionate about fly fishing and Japanese nature/wildness.
He is patient,knowledgeable and has excellent equipment that's suited well for fishing you are doing.
His custom rods are really superbly crafted and perform really well!
He has a great demeanour and personality,is easy to get along with,fun to be around and his English is very good.Would recommend 100%.(From Austoralia.)


Target fish,
Yamame,Iwana.(From Feb 16 th till End of September.)
Rainbow trout.(Full season).

Had a great time in Nagano prefecture with Maki. He went out of his way to make my stay enjoyable.
He is very enthusiastic about his craft and very knowlagable.
I learnt a great deal while fishing with Maki.
Great guy, great guy, highly recommended."(From Switzerland.)


Target fish,
Rainbow trout and Brown trout,Full season.

Had tough conditions which often happen when you plan a trip far in advance,but I have enough experience to know Maki knows his stuff.In fact,I was surprised how much he had in common with my trout bum friends back in the United States.Not long after meeting he seemed like a fishing buddy I've know for years.Could front gave us two rough days of fishing,but it started to warm and hatch started shortly before I had to leave and managed a nice rainbow.Will have to retern for Yamame and Iwana.
Despite the fish not cooperating,had a great time with beautiful surroundings.
(From U.S.A.)

Some of the sales will be donate to Yukawa Yamame Unlimited Japan.

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