Glamping and Fly fishing,Spey guided trip photos,
July 3rd to 5th 2018.

Our Beltent.
Within 1 min walk to river.
It is very important to sleep safety place even heavy rainy day
as the water level can be very high after the rain and i know where to stay...

Camp fire!!!

"Do not wading too deep,"
"Do not cast fly too far,"
"Do not sink fly too deep..."
Find X,Y,and V shape water.

Trying to catch 1 st trout eary morning.
He had many many takes...

Jared san had good take it was after swing fly,pulling fly line,Surface.

Jared san's 1 st catch!With 15 footer Scott G,Spey rod.
Fish called Haya.
Rare fish.

Coffee,Beer,or Whiskey...?

We ate breakfast after fishing...

Jared san cook for me also!
It was so nice!!.

We go back to water and swing flies again after the breakfast and break...

"Better change to smaller wet flies,
Bloody Butcher wet fly?
Alder wet?..."
Thinking which wet flies to swing as water getting higher than early morning.

We decided to go back to tent as Wind getting strong more and more...

Yeti cooler,Bear proof...
Strong wind makes our camp site much better lloking!!

Budweiser for Jared san,
Corona for me.
My local fishing friend visited for us while we drinking beer after organized camp site and invited dinner.

Wow!!Special dinner!
Mr,Hisabayashi san cooked special carry rice for us!!
This carry rice called,"Onmitsu carry rice."

I asked him to use bath as i did not have timne to have even shower since last night and he asked us to stay he's Japanese traditional house as it was so heavy rain out side.
We decided no more fishing that day and stay he's Japanese traditional house.
It was so helpuful and thank you so much for asking.

Japanese traditional room,300 years old...
I wake up so peacefull and it was 4:30 a.m.

We had great Japanese style breakfast,Japanese tea,and Hisabayashi san gave to special gift for Jared san's wife!!

After the breakfast...
We decided no more fishing and ask Hisabayashi san to dry my bel tent.
We drive back to Sakudaira station after organised our camp site...

Thank you very much for visited to me,local river and Japan
from New York,U.S.A.!!

"I'm sending my thoughts and prayers and love to those in Japan
who are hurting.My prayers go out to them. We all need to help.
We donated part of the sales of guide service to Osaka, Japan. "

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