"Try a horse by riding him, and judge a man by living with him."

The Underhand Casting. 4612 ©Maki Caenis
The Underhand Casting. 4612 ©Maki Caenis

Latest Hollow build, Splice joint custom bamboo rod,
The Underhand Casting. 4612.
12ft 4.5.6 weight.
4 weight line for Yamame, (Can be single hand spey line)
5 weight line for Rainbow, Brown.  (Can be single hand spey line)
6 weight line for Bigger flies, Big river. (include sea run Chrry salmon) each sinking late. (No Spey line, Please use Underhand line this model is not for 2 hand Spey casting, It is desighned for Underhand casting) 
For the 6weight floating line, I recommend Robinson silk floating line)
For sale. For more details and/or order build please contact to makicaenis@gmail.com

Model Zero Yukawa. 0weight hand build bamboo rod. ©Maki Caenis
Model Zero Yukawa. 0weight hand build bamboo rod. ©Maki Caenis
The Cherry Salmon, 7912. ©Maki Caenis
The Cherry Salmon, 7912. ©Maki Caenis

Latest hand build custom hollow build bamboo rod, The Cherry Salmon uploaded. For sale, 
Please ask me more details. Hand build by Maki Caenis Japan.

The guide service is inactive for an indefinite period. Please be kind, He is fighting.

May 2022. Maki Caenis.

Ever since I started fishing in Japan, catching native Japanese Yamame in the Mountains of Japan was always on my bucket list. This came true with one of the best and most professional fishing guides I've ever had the pleasure of being with. Maki Caenis showed me the true art that is fly fishing especially with his very own made Bamboo Fly Rod. His instructions were solid and it was the little things like "always check your tippet for wind knots" or "don't forget to mend your fly line" or "always match the hatch" that made his instructions that much more helpful. I had an epic time catching Yamame and Hoko Steelhead with Maki-san and just laughing and enjoying our time together made this trip even more special then it already was. I highly recommend Maki-san to anyone willing to take up fly fishing. Maki-san is the man!!!!
Aaron san.
2022 Mar 23 to 25.

Thank you very much for visited me from Aomori , Montana prefecture!!

Growing up in Montana in the fishing industry, I know how guides operate. 
Maki-san was an absolute top-notch guide who went above and beyond a normal guiding service.
Not only did he show me how to fish for Yamame he also introduce me to the locals and immersed me further into the Japanese culture. Hands-down the best guiding experience I have ever been on.
I look forward to my next trip with Maki-san.

Kind regards,
Brian Klatt


"If you want to go fly fishing in Japan, you must go with Maki san. I spent 3 days fishing with him and enjoyed every minute. Maki is knowledgeable, attentive, personable, and generous. It had been many years since I went fly fishing and Maki was very patient and helpful. I will definitely go fishing with Maki again!" JoAnna san. 

Tenkara & Fly fishing guide tour,From last season's highlights.  

My good friend and I spent 2 incredible days fishing with Maki while visiting Japan for the Rugby World Cup. We flew from California and immediately boarded a train to the mountains in the Nagano Prefecture. Maki picked us up and took us to his local sushi restaurant in town. The owners prepared an incredible traditional meal for us and Maki helped us learn Japanese traditions and manners which was immensely helpful as it was our first time in Japan.
The next morning we traveled to the River Kana in search of Yamame. We immediately hooked into a gorgeous fish and were mesmerized by the Jurassic park-esque surroundings and gin clear water.
Maki patiently instructed us in the delicate and stealthy art of wild Yamame fishing and made tackle changes quickly and ensured sure we both had equal opportunities to hook up.
We spent all day on a secluded river and didn't see another angler all day.
The second day we visited several rivers and my inexperienced (in fly fishing) fishing buddy landed a "trophy" Iwana on a tenkara rod. It was incredible to learn tenkara from a true master and receive generations of knowledge in the birthplace of the simple yet traditional method. We traveled up a small stream for hours and were again taken aback by the wondrous surroundings.
That night we returned to the sushi restaurant and had another incredible meal. I can't thank Maki enough for a truly unforgettable trip, and my first guided fly fishing experience.
His laid-back attitude and patience matched our energy perfectly and we laughed all day long. We were always prepared with lunch and gear and ate and slept like kings at the Riverside hotel and local spots.
Maki is the perfect guide for fishermen of any level and provided us a ton of knowledge that served us well for our entire trip.
I cannot wait to visit again and hope Maki will visit California and we can return the favor. "Take risks, get trophy."
Thanks Maki!
Tyler San
Rafael, Ca

Clients photos uploaded to GUIDING page.

YAMAME uploaded.

My French client Philip san and He's wife Aticia san's Double hit.
After they visited to Miss Whitney Goulds san's spey class (who hold women's world record) in U.S.A.
Location,River Sai.
Rods,Kerry san's beautiful custom spey rod.


"Team work."

With customers who are a little lame. A charcoal of the memory that I helped and caught with the young man who came with me.
Location.Deep mountain,Upper River Yu,Karuizawa.Where Japanese Black bear also lives.
©2004 Maki Caenis 

Client review.

Thank you very much for visited to Japan.

Mr,Nick san.

"Maki san is very experienced guide who knows his river's in Nagano prefecture well.He arranged nice equipment for me and tied me some effective flies.

With he's guidance I caught Yamame,Iwana,Amago and Rainbow trout using both up stream and down stream techniques.

Safety of he's clients is top priority for Maki san.He drives carefully and offers useful advice and physycal help with wading.
He is a good teacher and an entertaining companion,both of the river and at the Ryokan afterwords.
Maki san's English is good.

Mr,Rob san.


"I thoroughly enjoyed fishing with Maki san for a day near Nagano.He is a knowledgeable guide and skilled,patient instructor.
As a relative beginner,Maki san quickly ironed out wrinkles in my style and I now feel much more confident.
Maki's English is also very good.Highly recommended."

Best regards,

Mrs,Noriko san.


"I am Japanese American stopped by Nagano before my 17 year old American daughter and I visit my family.
I hired Maki for my daughter's passion for fishing. Maki welcomed us.It was fasciating to see how he observes water and fish flow.He changed his hand made needle which looked like a piece of art every hour.Even I could fish a beautiful rainbow trout. Maki was so happy for us if he fished himself.
I needed to save before my trip but it was well worth to be with Maki.
Thank you so much for one beautiful memory.
I will keep in touch with you."

Mr.Scott san.


"Had tough conditions which often happen when you plan a trip far in advance, but I have enough experience to know Maki knows his stuff. In fact, I was surprised how much he had in common with my trout bum friends back in the United States. Not long after meeting he seemed like a fishing buddy I've know for years. Cold front gave us two rough days of fishing, but it started to warm and hatch started shortly before I had to leave and managed a nice rainbow. Will have to return for Yamame and Iwana. Despite the fish not cooperating, had a great time with beautiful surroundings. "

Trophy Natsu Yamame.©Maki Caenis
Trophy Natsu Yamame.©Maki Caenis