Caenis fishing guide service,Japan.
Since 2004.

Full time,English speaking Fly fishing guide service,
Nagano prefecture,Japan. 

Fly fishing guide service in Japan.

Maki Caenis was born in Nagano and started fly fishing at the age of 15. Having lived in New Zealand and Canada help developed and honed his fly fishing and guiding skills  along with trips to Yellow Stone National Park USA. 
Maki guides and fly fishes more than 200 days during the season ,the majority of the time is spend on the rivers and lakes during the summer. Maki also owns and manages the Caenis Fly Shop.

Yamame and Char,16th of Feb to the end of Sep.
Rainbow trout,Brown trout,All season.


Rainbow trout,
Brown trout,
Hako Steelhead.

Water system.

There are more and more rivers i offer guide service but i introduce my 2 main rivers located in Nagano prefecture.

River-Yu. and River Chikuma.

River Yu.

The Yukawa River is a tributary of the Chikuma River.
The Yukawa River is noted for its its Vary of aquatic insects and hatches .Matching the Hatch is the key.
The river is best fished with an 8-foot length, 3- or 4-weight fly rod for Yamame trout and Char.
The Yamame and Char fishing season runs from February 16 to end of September.

River Chikuma,

The Chikuma River is part of the Shinano River which is the longest river system in Japan. 

The Chikuma River has a rich aquatic insect offering and a strong population of trout waiting to strike at your fly offering.
Because of its size, the Chikuma River offers you to choice of conventional and spey fly fishing.



Mr.Tristram san. 

From New York.

"I posted a request for fishing guides near Tokyo a few weeks back. I was fortunate enough to find Maki Caenis's website. After a 1 hour and 20 minute ride on a bullet train from Tokyo to Sakudaira,we had a great two days fishing for rainbow and brown trout and a beautiful indigenous trout that has crossed with the rainbows. Like the small number of exceptional, passionate guides I have had the pleasure of wandering streams with over the years, Maki has an amazing spirit and it was an experience spending time with him. If your heading to Japan, Maki's email is "