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Maki Caenis fishing Japanese native Yamame at home river.
Fly rod:Hollow build bamboo rod 8ft #3/4.
Fly line:Maki Caenis Signature Fly line WF4F.
Location:Nagano prefecture,Japan.
Filmed by:Studio Casnis.  

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I would like to talk about optical engineering before writing about fish windows, refractive index.
History of light physics.
Newton explained that light is a kind of particle and that it goes straight because power is applied. The person named Huygens took the idea of a secondary source to explain the straightness of light. In addition, Young's...

There was one Jr,Base ball team when i was kids.We went to fishing to pound again and again.I still remember i felt sleep and the rod went to pound with big noise..My father,He had to swam to get the rod and reel,It was huge Japanease carp.That Jr,fishing team,We finally fished all fish at that pound...
Went to...