Last up date July 2019.

Fly fishing in Japan,"The birthplace of fly fishing,England."

Talk about River Wye and River Tay,Scotland's current salmon fishing situation,and Mr,Frank Sawyer's history I read enthusiastically in the old days,and Great fly,Sawyer's nymphs,Killer bugs,etc..

The first day was Nakanozawa beat and the flow speed was fast due to the increase of water,After rain.

The next day,We drink delicious prune juice at the Fureai-kan,the colors are so beautiful,really delicious! And,I was very pleased from the morning before fishing.

In Hontani beat on the second day, I made a reservation for the No.1 and No 5 but they do not wanted walk a lot so we only fish the beat No 5 and fished slow and carefully.

Since only father caught on the first day,We let start with son. So I got a son to catch the first Japanese Yamame in Japan,and both son and dad caught and released Yamame. Makes me really happy.

Thanks to everyone who has been properly maintained access to the river from the road for safety,We never not allowed to be alert,Always fishing safe but thank you once again for suport.

As an aside,this time Ueno village's Ryokan is fully booked everywhere,and Mr. Nakazawa san,Who works for River Kanna fishery union,He itintroduced the cottage,but for the convenience of the number of rooms I stayed at the Kaizekan along the River Chikuma and went to Ueno village from there.

At night,I went to see the firefly on the River Chikuma with the Yoshino sushi rady of Haguroshita.

The lady came to me while looking up at the firefly with Japanease traditional fan. The fireflies came to me when she spoke to the fireflies,and the words "thank you" at that time were very very impressive.

The bright atmosphere of the Fureaikan,the smiles,the delicious coffee after fishing,the beautiful river without garbage,the rich green color and the sound of the river,and those Yamame swims in the flow of the river...

Thank you very much for always giving pleasure to our clients.

Thank you very much.

Best fishes,
Maki Caenis.



Mr.Tristram san. 

From New York.

"I posted a request for fishing guides near Tokyo a few weeks back. I was fortunate enough to find Maki Caenis's website. After a 1 hour and 20 minute ride on a bullet train from Tokyo to Sakudaira,we had a great two days fishing for rainbow and brown trout and a beautiful indigenous trout that has crossed with the rainbows. Like the small number of exceptional, passionate guides I have had the pleasure of wandering streams with over the years, Maki has an amazing spirit and it was an experience spending time with him. If your heading to Japan, Maki's email is "