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"Continue casting."At windy Home water.
"Continue casting."At windy Home water.

Here is picture of my 9 guide secret flies for Trophy Yamame i wrote article and published in Japan 2009.

How those nymphs hatches?

May flies.
1.Floating nymph.
Most major hatch style.Nymph will float to Water surface,Them nymph become Dun while floating with current.This case,The floating nymph can not swim and can not escape from fish.One of most dangerous situation for those nymphs.
Nymph float from inside,Bottom of the water.While using emerging...

Body.Danville's Medium fine wire.
Hook size #16.(can be from size #14 to #22 for fly finishg here in Japan.)

I would like to talk about aquatic insects today.It is good to understand about what Yamame eating and how is it looks like from inside of the water and I hope it helps.

Here is picture.
Painted again after i made holes by hand drill.
Drying paint know...
I can put net tomorrow,Maybe!!
Took more than 2 season to build some reasons and still building.

Maki Caenis fishing Japanese native Yamame at home river.
Fly rod:Hollow build bamboo rod 8ft #3/4.
Fly line:Maki Caenis Signature Fly line WF4F.
Location:Nagano prefecture,Japan.
Filmed by:Studio Casnis.