Breathe deeply and feel the nature.

For those peoples who likes Fly fishing and who loves beautiful country,Japan.

Yukawa Yamame.
Yukawa Yamame.


4 seasons Japan.
Spring,Summer,Autumn,and Winter.
Each seasons have each different There is a scenery that can not be replaced by anything. It is up to you to enjoy the scenery and immerse yourself in fishing.


You will enjoy Japanese traditional foods,Such as Tempura,Sushi,Carp, So on,While you stay Japanese traditional Ryokan with Onsen and I will book only those local peoples who i can trust,Deal with more than 10 years with me,Who doing great service with pride.


To help those peoples,Who would like to enjoy fishing but not only fishing,To experience Japanese culture and meeting Japanese Japanese peoples.
As a social contribution activity since its establishment, we have been cleaning the river, discharging fry, and raising funds for various disasters occurring in Japan. 

Be sincere

Be top notch
Do not go against nature
Client safety first
Share daily learning
Donate part of sales to those suffering from natural disasters
Always respect all living beings and nature
It is said that the guide service is a team work
Things that I will never forget and always appreciate


Caenis fishing guide service started in Nagano prefecture 2004.

I named Caenis as it is from smallest water insect name and meaning should not have to be famous to all over the world.

This guide service is for the peoples who visit to Japan for Fly fishing main and I do guiding who likes Tenkara and Center pinning fisher men too.