Take a risk,Get Trophy.


Well,It's been a long time to up date about Tenkara article.As we are cane fly fisher,We need to go out for fishing to refresh even after trophy typhoon and would like to share with your friends,Family.And to me,It is my Father and who leading this blog so thank you for your support.Here,I would like to write about Tenkara guided trip...

“Maki san is a very experienced guide who knows his rivers in Nagano Prefecture well. He arranged nice equipment for me and tied me some effective flies. With his guidance I caught Yamame, Iwana, Amago and Rainbow Trout, using both upstream and downstream techniques.
Safety of his clients is top priority for Maki san. He drives carefully and...

Well,My favorite room No,111 was booked by other people.
I choosed different room today.
It was rainy earlly morning,And I saw beauty Raibnbow at sky while warking with my boss,Jiro.
Wake up 5:00a.m. this morning,Started with coffee at my work shop that i organised,Renewal to my feeling more conftable.But still no internet for some reasons...

Rod tip up.


*NOTE,Today's blog is about Single hand and for the peoples who fish Yamame,Iwana,Rainbow and Hako Steel head.NOT about spey using 2 hand for bigger salmon,steel head and big Rainbows Browns at big river,

When I am guiding my clients,I noticed that most of peoples cast just like casting book said,2:00 to 10:00.Which is o,k. if that is when you are fishing at lake or salt water to cast your flies as far as you could.
But when you are fishing more closer and use righter weight fly lines,Which #3 and #4 weight...

Thank you very much for visited from California!!
Day 1,
We went to "Julassic park,"
We saw MONSTER Iwana I would say more than 70cm,Just Huge,huge.
We tried to catch that MONSTER but he was kind of "Whimsical walk"...
We caught and released Yamame day 1.

Day 2,
Visited top secret place....