Feeding Lane.


"Find white bubble."
It is always best to find white bubble when you are fishing Yamame at river.And where this white bubble goes.This is place i want you to cast your fly.
The reason why you best find this white bubble is,That because most of aquatic water insects,Such as May flies,Caddis flies,Stone flies,Clane flies,and Terrestrial insects.Those...

Happy New Year 2020!!
Here is pic from winter,After guided trip.
Secretly,I did skiing at Hakuba village.
It was after New Year's guide trip to Northern Nagano and i can't stop thinking about skiing when i look at mountains.

The frame and high-quality Japanese cypress were painted in red with lacquering,
a traditional Japanese technique. Lacquered vessels are indispensable for Japanese food such as Japanese cuisine and banquet dishes and festive dining tables.

Season 2020.


As a result of after my deep consideration, I will continue guiding through season 2020.
December 24 2019.



Each talent born and given from heaven.

Here is picture of my 9 guide secret flies for Trophy Yamame i wrote article and published in Japan 2009.

How those nymphs hatches?

May flies.
1.Floating nymph.
Most major hatch style.Nymph will float to Water surface,Them nymph become Dun while floating with current.This case,The floating nymph can not swim and can not escape from fish.One of most dangerous situation for those nymphs.
Nymph float from inside,Bottom of the water.While using emerging...