Poison Apple.


I would like to write about this thing here it is impnrtant to understand about friend(Trout) more deeper.Even you are first time to try fly fishing.(I won't call "Beginner" here...)

Thank you very much for visited to Japan!
From 2 days guiding trip.

River Kanna.


It's been a long time but Confirmed river open today!

Home water.


Visiting home water after thanks giving lunch at Saku city.
Note.It would be VERY worm day tomorrow.
Location.River Chikuma,Nagano prefecture.
Please make sure to check regulation and buy fishing license before fishing.

There was one Jr,Base ball team when i was kids.We went to fishing to pound again and again.I still remember i felt sleep and the rod went to pound with big noise..My father,He had to swam to get the rod and reel,It was huge Japanease carp.That Jr,fishing team,We finally fished all fish at that pound...
Went to...

Client photo.


Location,River Sai.Nagano,Japan.
Up stream,Floating line,Dry fly.
This Rainbow trout was rising quietly.We choosed Drowned spent dun fly pattern I tie for Yamame.
Reel screemed well and we caught and released finaly...
Thank you very much for visited to Japan from australia.
NOTE.NOT this season.

There are few things to protect my clients from some danger animals or poison things here in Japan.
Japanese Asian Black bears,Wild bores are most danger animals but i did not see many times,Very few times.
There are poisonous mushrooms, poisonous snakes and poisonous bees.
I would like to write about Poison bee today as i thought...