1. Deposit payment.
    Most of my clients pay using Paypal.
    Please pay deposit first to make sure that the other clients can not book same date. 
    This deposit can be,50% of total guide fee,or,10000 j.p.y. plus 10% tax for per day per person.
  2. Balance payment.
    Please pay your balance before 2 weeks. 

  3. After arrived Japan.
    Please note you can not use your traveler's check here in Japan as you and i have to go to bank together and those local places,There are no bank at all. 

    Credit card and Cash,Japanese yen.
    Please note that those local places can not accept credit card payment.
    Please make sure to bring cash and note your maximum balance you can withdraw Japanese yen is,50,000 j.p.y.
    I been trying to explain this again and again and most of clients listen my advice but only few peoples does not.
    Please do not ask guide to Borrowing money.It is very very an usual at all.

  4. Gratuity in Japan.
    It is up to you,If you liked service you can pay gratuity for those local peoples who works very hard.

  5. Cancel refund.
    Your deposit and guide fee will not refund expect the other clients book same dates.
    My guide service is small business and it is so heart me that if new client cancel booking.My most clients never cancel booking at all.And it is included my information.
    You can not cancel if you spent time with me even e-mail some times those thread goes to very long you know.
    I have to re schedule for those rooms i booked,Have to say sorry to those peoples who works for me and also i have to re plan my fishing schedule so please do not book if you are not sure coming or not.
    Please book when you know your exact plan.