On line guiding.

Maki Caenis

"Passion for Fly fishing."

Let me talk about my self,But very short.
I am full time fly fishing guide.
Moved to Canada 1980's as student after graduate high school. Graduate Canadian college studied English and Canadian nature. 
Back to Japan but did not liked to work at all.
Moved to Ch,Ch. New Zealand.
And finally i start fly fishing guide service here in my country in Japan 2004.
I was pro fly tier,Sold many secrets flies to Japanese fly fisher.I go to fishing more than 200 days each season.
Some times no fish as i like to try to fish more difficult fishing for my self but even that i love to spend my time at nature not office.
Fly fishing is my life work.I love to spend my life time at river side,Forever.

I live with my dog Jiro,Male mixed Shibainu.
He is my best friend and boss...
He hate river...

"Atlantic salmon fly fishing Russia.Kitza". [Official]1080p.

Guide service in Japan.

・Fly fishing.
 Single hand.
・Center pinning.

Brown trout,
Rainbow trout.

Mountain stream.
Nagano prefecture.Feb 16th till end of Sep.

Main stream.
Full season.

Lake .
Spring till Autmn.


Some guide tours informations i offer to peoples who will visit to Japan.

Hako Steel head.

Rainbow trout and Brown trout.
Float Center pinning
at Big river.

Yamame and Iwana.
Fly fishing

Till End of September.

The secret.

For the peoples,
 Who can keep it secret...


What is difference my service to the other countries guide?
Those services are all include for my service.


As i am fly fisher men and i travel,I understand how photos are important for you.

I will send you photos of guide trip after finished guide service. 


You will visit Japanese local side and most of those peoples can not understand English.
I translate your wants to those peoples to make sure you will have great time while you are with me.

Teach Japanese manner.

My service is not 9 to 5 service.

I will look after you after fishing,Stay same Ryokan,Will teach you how to eat Japanese traditional style hoods,How to enjoy and how to eat polite those Japanese foods without shame.

Local Sushi

Visit local Sushi and have fun dinner with local peoples.


Just visit,or,Stay Onsen if you wish.

Hatches information

May fly,Caddis,Stone fly,and more,You will receive latest hatch information details.

Welcome drink

Free drink.
Hot coffee for winter,
Cold coffee for hot summer.

Secret flies

You can use my local secret flies that i tied by my self,
Based more than 30 years experience.

Tackles,Fishing total advice.

How to choose right tackle,
From rod length,Line weight,Action,
Leader and Tippets length and sizes.


December 2019.Limited guide service season final.
Target.Rainbow trout, Hako Steelhead and Brown trout(Depends on where to go.)

River Chikuma.(1 day fishing)
River Kanna.(more than 2 days fishing)
River Sai.(more than 2 days fishing)

Gear to bring.
Polarized lens.
Waders and wading boots.
Rain gear and warm wear.
Spare change including underwear.
Tackle Rentals.
Fly rod and reel.
I do rent some sizes of waders please ask me.
Flies,Leaders,Tippets are not included.
You can order me.
Fishing licence would be around 3,000 j.p.y. depends on where to go.
Client foods,Drinks,Lodging and Gasoline also not include.
Please make sure to book me first BEFORE you book your lodging.
I can handle lodging please ask me.
Those prices are include,
10% tax.and Paypal fee.

Courses with more than 3 people and up to 10 people will be guided by renting a large bus. Please request a quote to