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The world outside the trout window is mirrored, and the fly that is located on the surface of the water and directly below the surface of the water appears to be strange, especially the fly just before entering the trout window. If the fish spooks as soon as the fly reaches the water,it is better to cast in consideration of...

I would like to talk about optical engineering before writing about fish windows, refractive index.
History of light physics.
Newton explained that light is a kind of particle and that it goes straight because power is applied. The person named Huygens took the idea of a secondary source to explain the straightness of light. In addition, Young's...

It is the greatest joy to enjoy the life of aristocrats born in England a long time ago called fly fishing. The choice is free whether you hunt without choosing a means any way you can do without respect fish or play with fish with a gentleman's pride. Again,It is up to you.
First of all, I would like...