Not only enjoy fishing,We would like to you to Enjoy our local Japanese culture,Local foods,and to meet local fun peoples...


Japanese traditional style Sushi is much healthy than 100 yen sushi.For those clients who very care about SAFETY foods,I only recommend YOSHINO ZUSHI.
You will find out more than 100s of pages if you google,"How danger 100 yen sushi for you". by Japanese.
However,This Sushi master and he's wife will make real traditional safe sushi also you will have some local dishes,Which is Mountain bagetenpura,Mush room miso soup,e.t.c. depends on which season you visit.
Request me if you wish to eat that trout you catch.
Master will cook special fresh sashimi dish or sushi.It is depends on how big your fish is...


I been dealing also with traditional ryokan with onsen near sushi and this ryokan located near by my home water.You will enjoy your staying while you feel the river sound,When you wake up,You will see the river from your room...
There is shower and toilet in your room also for your own.
Please note,
I did not ask them to cook something special western foods as my understanding is that i want you to enjoy our local foods,But i request to have coffee for breakfast.

Those Sushi and Ryokan and guide service can be book together,And I can send you total invoice as those local does not accept your credit card,Cash only.
I want to make it simple and easy for you so please feel free to ask me to send you total invoice which included sushi,Ryokan,Fishing licence.