About aquatic insects.


Super hatch.at home river.
Super hatch.at home river.

I would like to talk about  aquatic insects  today.It is good to understand about what Yamame eating and how is it looks like from inside of the water and I hope it helps.

20 to 80 law.
Most of fish like to eat inside of the water.Because it is safer.There are many risks if fish try to eat at surface.Much more than inside of the water.

Baxk to 1980,I learned from a book about Nymph from Mr,Flank Sawyer book.(1906 to 1980.) My favorite fly was Sawyer Nymph I tied without using thread,Tried to tie as just like original Sawyer Nymph he designed in England to fish our Japanese Yamame and Iwana.

Sight fishing.
I am still remember i was not good at casting and maybe you know if your casting skill is not good,All you can do is fish closer.I am not saying here,Distance is most important things but also it is important to have skill that you can cast your flies without any kind of troubles.
The Nymph was not hard to see as i can not fishing far.But even that,I caught many Yamame,Iwana and keep all fishes to show to my Father,Mother,and Brothers.There were so many fish lives those days.
Most interesting things when i use Sawyer Nymph i tie myself was,That even after caught many fishes,Fly broken as i did not use thread to tie.But even that fish came to my Broken shape fly.I liked that flies sinking speed and too see when fish open the mouth,You will see white color that inside of fish mouth color.It was so exciting time too see those White mouth color.

Will be continue.
©︎Jiro and Maki.   

Nymph masters.by T.M.C Japan.1981.

Typing article.With Bamboo phone display.
Typing article.With Bamboo phone display.
Good morning my Soulmate…
Good morning my Soulmate…