Cherry Salmon.


River Kuzuryu. ©Maki Caenis
River Kuzuryu. ©Maki Caenis

River Kuzuryu,One of famous River for Sea run Cherry Salmon,Lower part open Feb 1st 2020.
Only 1 Cherry Salmon was counted officially and no more report after that.

Regarding Corona virus,It is not safe.You worry about health,I start worry about in near future,We can not get any kinds of natural animal's bird's tying material because of virus.Each country stringent inspection and both of export and import business falls.
Not only tying materials,Those rod makers who making at that country.Because they will close factory.You can not get those fly rods any more.Which is NOT my problem...As we proud Japan made or,Classic England made.

Mountain stream for Yamame and Iwana will be open Feb 16th.Also upper River Kuzuryu for Cherry Salmon too.
Weather has changed to very cold,Windy winter.But not much snow.
Water colors are so clear.I wanted to write something with Hope but not this time.
Please note next up date will be possibly late.
I prefer to spend my life at water,River side.Not my office,Tying desk.

Best fishes,
Jiro and Maki.