Feeding Lane.


Japanese native Iwana.©Maki Caenis
Japanese native Iwana.©Maki Caenis

"Find white bubble."
It is always best to find white bubble when you are fishing Yamame at river.And where this white bubble goes.This is place i want you to cast your fly.
The reason why you best find this white bubble is,That because most of aquatic water insects,Such as May flies,Caddis flies,Stone flies,Clane flies,and Terrestrial insects.Those main foods for Yamame will be come in to white bubbles and most of rise happening at white bubble or end of white bubble.

"X" "Y" "V" shape?
I named also "X","Y", and "V" shape,When you look at water,You will find those "shapes" exactly look like,Those Shapes created by the flow of water,Just look like those Alphabet.Those spot also best spot to find fish,Not only using dry flies,Also when you are using nymph and wet flies too.

"Ecological differences?"
It is always good to know,Understand more about each target.Here i would like to explain about Trout,Our native trout.Which are Yamame and Iwana.
Yamame,Like to float and,or, lie to stay middle of the water main and like to eat at surface.Much more than Iwana. I would say about 70 to 80% would be Yamame if you use Dry fly only at high season as Iwana like to stay bottom.As "Iwa" means rocks,Stones, always like to stay near rocks,Stone side.I still remember when i start fishing young,My father taught me to find those Rocks,Stones first.Then you can start fishing Iwana. There are also many aquatic water insects live at  those rocks and stones.

When you think about temperature,It is maybe about air,or water.
And here,I would like to give you hint about temperature.
Have you touched those rocks and stones when you fishing?
Do you remember how was it like?
Wasn't it warm when it was day time and how about evening or,early morning?
Well,It is not only air and water temperature,You see those rocks and stones will absorbs the heat of the sun and warms up.Here is very good hint when you are fishing winter,To find out where to fish.But not only in winter,You don't have to touch but it is always fun to imagine,What happening those things when you are at mother nature,It is endless when you start to imagine about and it is not so important if your answer is correct or not,Because there are no point to talk about "How peoples are correct or not," It is more important how deeply we try to understand about.It is my opinion...

Thank  you for those messages you sent me by e-mail about my blog,It is always glad to hear about your thoughts.

Maki.(Jiro is sleeping)