Feeding Zone 2.


We continue walking to up stream.Guide said "Stop." He found fish.
Trout was feeding at fast water,Shallow spot.
Guide said to me to stay here and he explained to me he will move to upper small hill and them he can watch easier and he's going to tell me when to cast and when to set hook.
I waited for a wild and he asked me to cast fly.
I was using weighted nymph,Size #14. The color was dark brown body with tail and gold bead head.He asked me to cast once.There are no wind.I can just hear the sound of river.Distance is about 12m and i was at downstream,Right below of the trout.Which was not difficult to cast fly expect i cast too far,Not to see the line to the trout.
3rd casting,Guide said "Yes!!" and i also saw white mouth open and i moved rod up conditionally reflective,Trout start to running to my side which is down stream,Not to up.
Very soon,Trout passed to me and keep running to down more and more...
"Come with me!!"
Guide asked me to run to follow tout.We had to follow tout more than 20m it was bad example to fighting fish to downstream specially at fast water.You can't just stop fish going down at all.
We landed that crocodile finally.It was male,about over 70cm beautiful Brown trout...It was my trophy in my life and in NewZealand so far.

Water speed,depth and water color.
Try to remember your favorite spot.You will notice that the river aren't looks same every day.I want you to focus not only hatch.But water speed and water color.And water level.
Or,Try to imagine different between fishing at fast water to slow water.
Which is difficult to catch?
When water speed is faster,Trout can not see fly well than slow water.She need to decide as soon as she could to eat or not.To follow or not.Specially trophy HATE to take risk as they know there are no point to follow with risk and they knows how to save energy.
If it is slow water,For example,our Midge season,Early spring Feb.You can see tiny flies hatching at slow water pool and trout makes rise ring.It is joy to see the rise after long,Cold winter.Because it is just difficult and challenging to fish those early spring hatch at slow water.Using #24,26,28,30,32 midges with tiny 10x to 12x tippet.It makes fly fisher crazy.
At gin clear color slow water.Trout have much more time to think to eat our fly or not.
What about depth?
For us,It makes difficult to catch if it is shallow spot specially if it is the other side of fast water.Which makes more fun to cast fly.
When you are fishing Yamame at very shallow spot day time.Those are very very spooky at all.
But if it is evening,I mean after sun set.Those trout will come to those shallow spot and because of less light,It makes fishing easy expect if you wading that spot before fish will come and if you are not too Inconspicuous not only to trout,Every kind of animals.
You better keep quiet just like Ninja.
What about water color?
After the heavy rain.In Japan.There are concrete man made dam every where here in Japan and I'm not going to say that since the typhoon just had a big damage last fall...
When water color get darker,Muddy color.You will notice even that color,Trout eat our fly.
But when compare to clear color water,Trout can't see fly well and it is good color to focus to catch trophy.
Try Black,Red,Pink,and Green when water color get muddy.but as i always said,Safety first.

It is snowing from last night here in Nagano prefecture.
We had unusual warm winter 2020 and I hope this snow makes peoples happy specially who are visiting to Hakuba village,Nozawa onsen village and Shiga kougen for skiing.
Also for those who waiting for spring sea run Cherry salmon.(Snow is the key for sea run Cherry Salmon)
And it will makes king's Jiro happy for sure.

Jiro and Maki.