Feeding Zone.


Trophy Yamame feed bait fish for spawning season. Maki Caenis photo.
Trophy Yamame feed bait fish for spawning season. Maki Caenis photo.

Our target,Salmon and Trout.
Those fish are feeding inside of the water.
I wrote about feeding lane last article,Today,I would like to write about feeding zone.
This word was written by Mr,Masuzawa,Book name "Dear Original Fly Patterns". Published 1996.by YAMA-KEI Publishers Co,Ltd.ISBN4 635-36039-3.(Written by Japanese).
Means when those fish looking for foods in the water,Not only left,Right,Straight.But also how deep fish staying and those fish see Up and down also.It is why he called "Zone".

"White mouthing,Gin clear water."
I still remember when i was lived in South Island,NewZealand.I fish Brown trout main.And i use nymph flies main.There was a creek i found when i was driving car alone.Located in near Christchurch.I park my car near the creek and asked to farmer,Land owner if it is o.k. to fish this small but beautiful creek and want to park my car.He said it is o.k. to park.I go back to that creek with one bottle NewZealand red wine as gift to show my thankful.
Every week,I go to fishing there.It was so hard for me to catch those Brown trout that you can see swimming very peaceful,But once they noticed me.All fish spook.
It looks very easy to catch but i would say,Stalking,To fish,No to cast fly or even to get closer like cat.I think it was key to catch fish...
When i decided to go back to Japan.I hire local guide at local fishing shop.
He pick me up at my house where located in next to Avon river,Avon side drive.Where Brown tout swims also.And he showed me NewZealand beautiful rivers.
We had to continue walking till he find fish.It was very new to me,Different style as we continue casting flies while walking to up stream here in Japan.
I brought #3 weight rod but guide said NO.I rented he's rod and he asked me to cast.I cast and once i mending line,He said,"Please do not do that."I asked reason why and he explained because he understand that i do not want to drag fly but once you do mending,Fish will spook.
We used nymph fly main and after started walking a lot.Seems to me it was hiking,Or Just walking river.But wasn't boring as all scenery was just amazing to me.I can't stop thinking about fishing trophy.
Those days,I was young and perhaps you couldn't afford to see the surrounding scenery because your head was full of fish,I think this fishing trip was my turning point to noticed how good if you can feel the nature,Not only fishing and enjoy everything include having lunch with guide slowly.

Will be continue.