Happy New Year 2020!!


Happy New Year 2020!!
Here is pic from winter,After guided trip.
Secretly,I did skiing at Hakuba village.
It was after New Year's guide trip to Northern Nagano and i can't stop thinking about skiing when i look at mountains.

I said to myself,Only for half day,Do not try hard...
I went to top of mountain and I made a mistake on the ski course and arrived at a different ski hill...

My favorite ski are,

K2 (U.S.A.) 180cm
SALOMON(Japan) Carving ski.

Tell me what is your favorite one?

Best fishes for 2020.

I live while caring for my father who terminal cancer. I wake up early.
Please apply with as much time as possible.
Thank you for understanding.

I am deleting those photos and films from Dropbox,Google photos as it is endress to continue to buy extra storage again and again.
Please make sure to down load by your side.
I will NOT take responsible for those photos.  
Please request me for those peoples who wish to re send photos,Those are NOT free to do that again as,"Time is money. "
I tried to explain by emails but thaught best to comment here for reason... 

 P.S.3. Regarding my Father.
My father discharged  from hospital at the end of the year but he is not good. Almost bedridden...
I take care of my father in turn with my mother. Nevertheless, I am grateful for being given time with my father and thank you for warm words,From  bottom of my heart,
Thank you!!