Hatch,"emerger fly".


May fly emarger,Male.©︎makicaenis
May fly emarger,Male.©︎makicaenis
May fly emarger,Female.©︎makicaenis
May fly emarger,Female.©︎makicaenis

How those nymphs hatches?

May flies.
1.Floating nymph.
Most major hatch style.Nymph will float to  Water surface,Them nymph become Dun while floating with current.This case,The floating nymph can not swim and can not escape from fish.One of most dangerous situation for those nymphs.
Nymph float from inside,Bottom of the water.While using emerging gas and it looks very shine and flashy because of this gas.And you can explain here why those flash nymphs are walks well.

2.Climbing hatch.
Nymph swim to land or to rocks and climb to top.Them start hatching.
This case,Wind is key as those dun just hatched can not fly well as they need to have time to dry wings.You can try drag your fly when this hatch happening specially those windy days,Dead drift does not win always...

3.Direct hatch.
It is un usual for us.But major hatch style for those fishes.
Start hatch inside of water directly as dun.The size and colors are key when those fish focusing to eat those direct hatch inside of the water.Male and Female has different color. You can put tiny sprit shot to your tippet and make vertical tern inside of water.It will be killer style when you fish those direct hatches...

Mr,Shimazaki.Who Invented Shimazaki Dry shake T.M.C. Japan` and one of best seller powder floatant all over the world,He wrote about the secret way to use Dry shake.You put Dry shake to C.D.C. wing.It will shine and flash inside of the water,Just like exactly same as those may flies hatching inside of the water.

©︎Maki Caenis.



Guide secret flies for Trophy Yamame.
by makicaenis. 
A magazine for fly fishermen. No 85.
2009 Early Summer Issue.