Latest guiding report.


Thank you very much for visited from California!!
Day 1,
We went to "Julassic park,"
We saw MONSTER Iwana I would say more than 70cm,Just Huge,huge.
We tried to catch that MONSTER but he was kind of "Whimsical walk"...
We caught and released Yamame day 1.

Day 2,
Visited top secret place.
I don't want to write too much here about.
As we,Japanese are very kind of careful peoples...
Specially if i don't know who you are!
It's internet you know?
We walked,walked,and walked a lot...
And Native Trophy iwana came to Kebari I tied.
It was so strong fight!
Never give up,And i just can't forget how mad that trophy native Iwana eyes...
So Angry!

Thank you so much for visited to local side of Nagano,Japan.
My voice is now very husky because of we 
Shouting, joy,and laughing! Too much,Just like when i was teen ager..

"Take a risk,Get trophy."