Light pattern 2. "How to use floatant?"


12x tippet.Fujino line,Made in Japan.
12x tippet.Fujino line,Made in Japan.

Light pattern2.
"How to use floatant?".

Is floatant matter when you go to fishing?
Most of fly fisher's answer is Yes.
I would like to write talk about floatant and light pattern again today. 

It is impnrtant that you put Fly line cleaner to your floating line each time when you fishing.Yes,Each time.To make sure line float and to make your "line control" much easy,also to make perfect hooking.Not too strong,even gently,Your fly will catch fish's mouth because less "water pressures" if your fly line,Specially tip section flot well like new one.(my favorite fly line cleaner for floating line is made by T.M.C. bottle one.easy to carry with me.)
What about leader?
Very good question!
At first,More impnrtant things is,To make your leader straight shape as well as you could!
Use your fingers and pull leader very gently,Slowly.Make sure again it is straight as possible.

When i was fishing Atlantic salmon in Russia,2019.I had to use 40lb tippet main,Some time i use 50lb tippet.and what happen was,The fly was rolling under the water,I thaught it was because of those local flies i baught from some local shops i visited but it wasn't.It was because of tippet. Fujino line company boss,She taught me that it is best to use fingers to make it straight shape but slowly to make sure you not damage the tippet...
Back to floatant issue,For leader.It is good to put floatant to your leader.But Do NOT put floatant to your Tippet! PLEASE!!
What happen is,if you put floatant to your tippet,It'll "Float" at water and fish can see your tippet "Very well".
Specially for those spooky,Caught and released many times,High pressures river.
Or,Early sping,Use 12x and #28 midge fly at slow water pool.
Because of that floating tippet.Fish would NOT take your fly cause you are telling fish i'm casting fake fly...
Your tippet section best to sinking.Under the water.Fly goes first with dead drift.
I recommend to wet your tippet before you size down to 13x tippet...
Use "saliva".

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