Light pattern 3."Tippet".


Location.Lake Yachiho.


I wrote about how it's impnrtant and it's best your tippet sinking.Last article,Light pattern 2.

I would like to talk about more with my guding experience with client.  

 When we finishing at lake,Located middle of mountain.With clear color water.Theose Rainbow trout rising so quietly.
My client and i,We found very interest things
Once "Wind" came to the lake,Those rise stopped suddenly,We tried to understand about this as nolmally it's "Opposite" as wind makes fish more active but here those fish start rising again as soon as wind stopped.

Fishing pressures.
Because those Rainbow trout continue catch and released so many times.Those Rainbow care about tippet.
When i say tippet here,It is not only about tippet size but also about "Shadow" and "Refraction".A dent on the surface of the water. 
Once tippet "sink".More fish came to our fly. 
 Since these fish are migrating, it is necessary to determine the direction where the fish are swimming to from the type of "rise shape".

 Straight line.
Tern over.It is how impnrtant to tern over perfect when you are fishing at lake,Also at river when using Wet flies.But at river for dead drift,There is no point to cast your fly with perfect tern over.
The difference is,When you are fishing at lake.I wrote here,Your tippet want to "sink".and to make it happen,Your tippet want to be straight shape and pull your fly line gently,Your tippet will be located under the surface,Without any "A dent on the surface of the water. refraction."
You can use this secret method also at slow water pool specially early season while using midge flies.
For the dead drift at river?
Use longer tippet with out perfect tern over.
Your fly will dead drift till your tippet start to pulling your fly by water pressures.It is called drag.


Summer lake.