Light pattern 1.


Adams parachute.Standard.
Adams parachute.Standard.
When fish looking at surface.Those real may flies,Caddis flies,Stone flies,Even Beetle,Ant,and Tippet,Leafs..Those things make "Dent" when it's floating,Not even sinking little.

I would like to write about this thing here it is impnrtant to understand about friend(Trout) more deeper.Even you are first time to try fly fishing.(I won't call "Beginner" here...)

Traditional Dry flies?
If you have experienced fishing with me Yamame and Iwana,Using my hand tie fles.
Some peoples noticed that my flies are not floating well and there are not many traditional classic dry flies in my fly boxes.
(I do have more than 1,000 flies stock.)

Also i less hackle when i tie flies for Yamame and Iwana.(Also Brown in N.Z.)
Because of next reason.
 If you use too much hackle,It looks "Junk".to fish because the "Dent" looks different than real.For example,Why "No hackle side winder" become very popular even here in Japan? It is not only looks,but if you use this fly at river,Not in your room,or bath room.You'll find how it is beautiful float when dead drifting..

Or,You try to use "No hackle Caddis fly".I design by my self for my home river Yamame in early 1990's it is become our killer fly for Yamame and Iwana since them till now.When those small Caddis flies start hatch,Normally late April or May when Mount Asama's snow melt.This fly is one of the "Best fly" till end of September.
It is good idea to "cut" hackle at river when fish does not like the light pattern," Inverted triangle style first,and "Horizontal" next.
It'll makes "different" look.
Perfect flot,Mid sink,and Spent. 
Congrats,You are now become,
Charismatic hairdresser!!

Always use imagination when you are fishing.

"Why you better don't poot floatant to tippet?"

Will be continue. 

©︎Maki Caenis.

No hackle Caddis.Tyer Maki Caenis.
No hackle Caddis.Tyer Maki Caenis.
No hackle Caddis fly.

Location,New Zealand. 

Body.Caenis dub,Pupa green.
Thorax.Caenis dub,Pumpkin
Wing.Elk hock,Tie reversed style.
(or can be Elk hair)
Hook.Long shank,Streat eye.
It is best to use long shank to hold fly after hooking when you tie Caddis fly
Better to use "Down eye" if you want to use shorter hook specially for Yamame because of honk came off as soon as Yamame head shake if you use "Streat eye,Short shak hook".

N.Z.Brown trout Dec.2017.Maki Caenis photo.
N.Z.Brown trout Dec.2017.Maki Caenis photo.
N.Z.Brown trout.Caught and released

Hit fly,No hackle Caddis fly.
Rod,Model Eighty eight.88-345-4.
Maki Caenis design.
Line,Kiwi.(Longer belly W.F.5F)   
Leader,Fujino line Japan.14ft.
Tippet,Fujino line Japan.3x.  
Net.Maki net. 

Dec 16th 2017.