"Family fly fishing."Japan.November.


There was one Jr,Base ball team when i was kids.We went to fishing to pound again and again.I still remember i felt sleep and the rod went to pound with big noise..My father,He had to swam to get the rod and reel,It was huge Japanease carp.That Jr,fishing team,We finally fished all fish at that pound...
Went to hatchery for bigginer client and reminds me how our parents look after and take care us.It is called Love.
But not between men and women,Not Adam and Eve.
For those fly fisher,Who enjoy lady's and gentle man's sports.
I'm glad that if i can help those peoples who love those family and who loves the art of fly fishing,Such a small Island,Called Japan.
As maybe you know,Japan having hard times after big typhoon.But even that,I and We would like to focus to Give something,Not try or ask to take.
As happy thanks giving and Christmas coming soon!
Be happy,Keep moving,and Respect,Love together.
Brothers,Sisters,Family,and Friends.
Even we came from,Born in other country,Difference culture,Our trout and salmons welcomes you...
Nagano prefecture,2018 November.

©︎Maki Caenis