It was a long time ago.

A red fish flowed into one pure white stream where Yamame lives a lot.

Looking at the flow that changed from white to pink color,

In the old days, it was pure white, so the pure white is correct, and the pink color is wrong? One person, to undo the flow, say foreign fish, using the name, put the sting on to the red fish, For those our native Yamame who used lived here in the white flow!

And one of them started a fight...

No one knows the plan of god.

Was I spitting to the blue sky?

Wasn't it affliction to the creatures by waving justice?

Didn't you play with the lives of the fish in the river, keep them even though you didn't need it?

Did you really appreciate while ate fish?
Go back to the white, towards the pink.

And, was there not going against nature?

Didn't you have a fish full of killings?

Did I see it as it is?
No one knows what's ahead, but let's stop worrying about the future things that does not happens yet, or worrying about the glory of the past, and worrying about the girls of the past.

Now, let's live with hope and believe in the light, and cherish the person who is in front of us right now.
Believe in the day when you'll end up with a view that's we never seen before.