Single hand.Fly casting.


When I am guiding my clients,I noticed that most of peoples cast just like casting book said,2:00 to 10:00.Which is o,k. if that is when you are fishing at lake or salt water to cast your flies as far as you could.
But when you are fishing more closer and use righter weight fly lines,Which #3 and #4 weight with longer leader and?or,Longer tippets.It is always best to cast 1:00P.M. at back cast and 9:00 or even 8:00 at forward cast.It will makes your leader and tippets NOT tern over perfect,Which much better to do and the key to do "Dead Drift."Which makes Yamame to take your fly slowly.Gentry,and you can do set up better gentle hooking with out broken,Lost your fly...Remember you are using 7x,8x,9x,10x,11X and even 12x in special case.
I hope this information helps your fly fishing life specially here in Japan for those peoples who enjoy fly fishing,Single hand Yamame,Iwana.
Best fishes,
Maki san.