”WASP"...Poison bee!?


There are few things to protect  my clients from some danger animals or poison things here in Japan.
Japanese Asian Black bears,Wild bores are most danger animals but i did not see many times,Very few times.
There are poisonous mushrooms, poisonous snakes and poisonous bees.
I would like to write about Poison bee today as i thought bee seasons are ended but i still seen those few times...
To protect your self,Here is my some information i can write about. 

No 1.

Please DO NOT wear,
those colors makes bee angry and excite so when you are fishing,Please do not wear those colors. Specially if you are going to fishing for gin clear color water,It is also not good to wear bright colors to do not spook fish.

No 2.
Please DO NOT escape,and yell.
I do carry special spray and all you have to do is listen to me.

No 3.
I used smoke pipes to protect my clients as those bears bee HATE smoke.
I am now changed to cigar even your Camel or Marlboro can save your rife.

I hope those information helps you even just little,
To fishing safety is my most important priority just like an international airplane pilot.