Tenkara Japan,3.


Well,It's been a long time to up date about Tenkara article.As we are cane fly fisher,We need to go out for fishing to refresh even after trophy typhoon and would like to share with your friends,Family.And to me,It is my Father and who leading this blog so thank you for your support.Here,I would like to write about Tenkara guided trip with my client who from England.There are No1,and No,2.articles so please have a look from No,1 if you have time or if you are interest Tenkara in Japan as i been doing Tenkara since when i was little kids at my home water River Chikuma,Nagano prefecture,Japan.

Day 2.
We stay ryokan which located very close to river Chikuma. We went to my favorite river,Better don't call secret river as here many peoples can read my information for free.Which is very good for those peoples who just looking for free information as my information are so value i know it and my clients know it.
Weather was fine day and my client asked me if this fine weather not good for day time's fishing or not?While we driving at high way...I explained to him,It's good.Please don't be negative and i start to explain why the fine weather is good??
I still remember it was so hot day just like we go back to summer.I advised him to take a drink a lot and keep drinking as i experienced Japanese hot summer since few years before,Our summer getting higher and higher...Some people are transported by ambulance or die due to heat stroke...I do have  a Japanese Red Cross rescue qualification. Passed both departmental and field tests. I know how to handle,How to do not happen.So that is reason why i do not had any kinds of accident before since 2004.Guiding is all ways team work and this time as all ways it was good and happy that he listen to my advice the age does not matters.

”Prius trout.?"
There are hybrid trout between Yamame and Rainbow trout.As you know,Yamame is our native and Rainow trout is not native,It's wild trout.Used be there was ONLY native trout lives here which is Yamame. But when i start fishing this river.I count very very few Yamame and most of trout i fish are Rainow trout or this Prius trout i named it as those both trout eat baby Yamame or other our native fish which is not good for Biology or biological.We must keep it as well as how god made,We can't control the nature,Can't custom nature things like chopper,or,cafe racer.

We start fishing to up stream i wanted my client to try where deeper and wider spot to catch bigger fish than yesterday.As it is so fun to fight big fish while using one pole,No reel Tenkara rod.Specially today.He was using my custom chopped Tenkara glass antique rod so it must be fun and no need to worry about broken rod as i know how very very strong but not too fast action this custom rod is.

We tried to fish using Alexandra wet fly to swing even Tenkara style,Yes.I use all kinds of flies which is Tenkara kebari,Nymps,Wet flies,and even classic salmon flies i tied size #4,#2. big fly!
He caught and released few little Prius trout and i wanted to him to catch bigger one or,Native Yamame so we keep moving to up stream.
When we arrived the spot.We need to do stalking quietly and while look at end of white babbles.I saw fish swimming??I wasn't sure if it was fish even possibly native Yamame? as Rainbow trout and Prius trout here,Those fishes hate to come up even evening time so we need to confirm and make sure if that is fish or not.
After i look at that fish?or trash?carefully.Yes,I am sure it is,no there are few Yamame floating and even those Yamame moving little to eat something,Not rising but very close to surface!
We tried very very hard.It was very bad sign as we better don't try hard specially when you are fishing Yamame and Iwana.Try to have fun,Relax.and Enjoy just like kids did...
Too much casting makes Yamame,Specially native Yamame makes spooky.
One small mistake for us,But to fish it is very very danger sign.We could not made it happen...
After quick lunch and little brake time.We decided to go to down stream this time.Because we spent long time before lunch.After the lunch.I one stopped my car to re fuel water which i run out.Also some cigar this is to protect my clients from danger bees,animals.
We arrived one of good spot.(there was man made called "Jyakago."it is made by stones with wrapped by strong wire to protect river when typhoon things happen and there are many flies just like Christmas tree..What happen was,After the trophy typhoon.That man made "Jakago."all gone to down stream...Which is very very rare or never happen before.And because of that,The pool is much much wider,Deeper now!!Not only bad things,There are good things that we focus and or,Find out i think.)
I know there are few good fish lives but this time not happened.I decided to go more down stream where good size lives i also know where to go,Where to fish so we passed place that small fish lives as it was best to focus bigger trout.

Fishing deeper,Deeper spot.
Like i wrote,We used classic salmon flies to fish deeper and my client asked me why we don't put sprit shot?
I said,
"Because i respect those peoples who Designed classic salmon flies,From your country England,Scotland it was such a long time a go.It is not polite to those peoples,Also when i fish Atlantic salmon,Better don't put shot here it is not traditional style,You know?And we will use nymph or my special fly for this river you can put shot  them.Even if you do "Wet fly casting".Strong tern over,and the single low water style fly will sink faster.

We tried some but was not good as i expected i change fly for him again and this time with sprit shot means not classic salmon fly,It is special fly that i tie for this river.

I was kind of looking for sky or just relaxing.He said "Fish!!"
I asked him if that is big or not and he told me that it is not so big and i wasn't sure how big it was...

Please don't move,Please !!
He start fighting and told me it is good size and he start following fish to down stream and as soon as when i know that,I said."Don't move,Stay and fight like Samurai!!"I said again you stay,and hold.Stronger!!The rod is not gonna broke trust me.
We land fish it was almost 40cm wild Rainbow trout.Asked him if that is o.k. to kill for dinner and he said it is o.k.
We tried to make it happened but it was biggest trout this time's 2 days guiding trip.

He caught,
Rainbow trout.
It was he's first time Tenkara in he's life bit i can tell he know how to lead water,Where to fish.and he also speak good Japanese.And he listen to my advice very well.
Thank you very much for visited to Japan,It was so fun days as all ways.
My voice goes back to husky voice,Because of Laughter, joy, just like kids.. 
Be an eternal boy when we retern to the river.