"Tenkara Japan."guide report.


He tald me that he never tried Tenkara in he's life before.

This time,Guiding is Tenkara Only,2 days guided trip which minimum date i recommend when my clients come to me.
Just in case,I braught my single hand rod and reels but it wasn't nessesary this time as my client from England,He experienced Fly fishing long time in he's life before so once we learned how to handle this simple,But not one pattern my Tenkara teqniques them the team work will be easier...

We staied Onsen ryokan called "Kaizekan".2 night total.
This ryokan is located near river Chikuma which Japanese longest river and located in Nagano prefecture.
I been dealing with this ryokan since long time ago.Also traditional Sushi is located near ryokan.
Both of those local peoples are so kindly,Freindly,Just like my familly.

will be continue...