"Tenkara Japan."No2.


Well,My favorite room No,111 was booked by other people.
I choosed different room today.
It was rainy earlly morning,And I saw beauty Raibnbow at sky while warking with my boss,Jiro.
Wake up 5:00a.m. this morning,Started with coffee at my work shop that i organised,Renewal to my feeling more conftable.But still no internet for some reasons...

I wanted to write more about Tenkara and guided trip with client from England.
It's very interesting for me because my mother who loves gardening,She loves western style garden,And I know many peoples at over seas,I will see many many Japanese garden...
It is just like,We enjoy the art of fly fishing which started in England such a long long time a go,And my clients from England,U.S.a. Sweden,Switzrand,Canada...it is so glad to hear that those peoples interest about our traditional Tenkara fishing style which i learned when i was kids and even after that as for fun,Simple but not that easy Tenkara fishing.You proud who you are and your roots and we proud who we are and our roots...
I have 3 Tenkara rods and for now my favorite one is,Tenkara chopper poul.
I found my fater's glass long rod it was for ayu.and you know that those days glass are more good quarity than those China or Korean made...
I cutted to original length.At best action spot.This season i start to use this Tenkara rod again and it is amaging rod.

Anyways,Let me remember and wtite about last Tenkara guided trip.
Please note that i'm not saying and not judging peoples as it was what i said to my client at river side.
He never tried Tenkara in he's life.it was he's 1st time to try as i wrote last article.
We started at stream where my local friend,Iwana and yaame lives.
i choosed near my friend house's under bridge and we cast Tenkara kebarI(Fly) I tied.
When you learn about,I think it is best to use the Kebari which easy to see,Easy to understand what's going on,How is it move.
Started with dragging,Twich action first and he's casting is getting better and better i can tell.
It was day 1st at stream.
He landed,Yamame,Iwana,and fish called "Amagao." which looks ver simmiller to yamame but with orange beauty spot...

We enjoied day 1 as it was not only casting lesson or how to full day.We fished and he learned experienced our traditional style Tenkara with joy,big smile,just funday,Just funday!!

Will be continue.