Trout's window 2.

The trout window grows as it grows in proportion to the fish swimming depth. This is why there is no need to present the fly far away for a yamame trout that is localized in a shallow stream when yamame repeats rising. The trout window means that when looking up at the surface of the water from the water, only the front, back, left and right of the 97 degree circle are visible.48.5×2=97.Left and Right eyes.

The world outside the trout window is mirrored, and the fly that is located on the surface of the water and directly below the surface of the water appears to be strange, especially the fly just before entering the trout window. If the fish spooks as soon as the fly reaches the water,it is better to cast in consideration of this point. In other words, the place where the fly should be dropped is determined by the depth at which the fish is localized, and when you find a fish, you need the skill to calculate the moment and read the wind direction and flows.