Winter Fly fishing Japan.


Tube fly ©Maki Caenis
Tube fly ©Maki Caenis

Winter tube Maki Caenis.
(from season 2011)

Most of mountain streams closed end of September.
I would like to talk about winter fly fishing in Japan.
Please be careful specially who are visiting to Japan and to fishing in winter,You may need to buy fishing licence first,Also the rules are little confusing,Hard to understand as those rules are all written by Kanji.Specially there are closed areas not allowed to fish,Limited or Catch and Release,To use Barbless hook only or not,Limit minimum size.e.t.c.There are many lures you must follow.And poaching by foreigners is a problem.There was a fishing police in Russia, but in Japan please be careful because you are caught by an ordinary police.

"Winter hatch."
Can expect emergence of small chironomids.
Stone flies also hatches even in winter,Snowing day.Stone fly will hatch at land main which called climbing hatch.You will see there are small stone flies hatching if you look at your foot carefully.It's easy to find specially snowing day.
Midge larvae and pupae are also important foods.

Target of trout.
1. Brown trout.
Our Japanese Brown trout(wild) are very strong at cold water,It is very active trout even cold weather in winter.

2.Rainbow trout.
Rainbow trout(wild) are also popular trout for winter.You will find there are 2 colors,One is darker color and the other chrome.

3.Hako Steel head.
Getting popular trout you can fish only in Gunma prefecture.Warmer than Nagano normally.
This fish fight 2 to 3 times more stronger than Rainbow trout.

How to fish.
It is very major that to fish slow water,Where water temperature get higher day time. 
Most of our Japanese river's waters are so clear and low water,It is very important to fish,Walk,Talk.Very quiet and important to less wading to make sure to do not spoke trout. 
Also you need to notice to do not walking on the ice.It looks ice but possibly deeper under the water.

Slow water only?
Because sometimes you can see fish staying.Most of peoples likes to fish slow water,Pool only but it is important to do not ignore fishing first water also.There are very active fishes waiting and you can not believe how fast water it is...It is very fast,With rocks,You can't wading...That fast water,There are also fish waiting for your fly.

Fishing safety.
Always,Fishing safety first.
Make sure to do not do any danger things,Do not try too hard.Take a break.
Use wading stuff is very good idea and please do use Felt sole wading boots.It is also good with studs but it's depends on which bland you are using.You will slip on ice rock and fall to get injured so easy.I use Snowbee spikes and works great for me full season.
It is also good idea to bring pair of under wear,Spare change of clothes and towel in case you get wet.