Maki net,15th anniversary limited edition.


Maki net,15th anniversary limited edition.

Frame,Japanese luxury cypress.
Grip,Deer horn.
Paint,Japanese traditional lacquer coating many times.
Net,Hand-knitted net is dyed bright yellow with red color.
It is secured to the frame by the same special and strong red thread that is used for jeans.

It is a limited model with only one in Japan that spent two seasons on making by Maki Caenis.

All materials made in Japan.

Maki net has been inspired when watching the birch trees in winter and has been produced and sold little by little since handmade. In Japan, deer horns have long been worn as guardians in rivers. I pray for the safety and success of fishing, and reproduce a special curve so that the most beautiful pictures can be taken when shooting with fish, which is one of the pleasures of fly fishing.

*Not include accessories.
*Will ship to world wide with tracking number and insurance.
*Shipping cost will be charged.
*Include 10% tax.

202,000 550,000