Happy 20th anniversary!!

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Fly fishing Japan, Ninja 1 weight.  by Studio Caenis.

Yamame 8x 0weight Bamboo rod Fly fishing Karuizawa Japan NO2 full ver 4K

Thank you very much for visited to me from Singapore. June 10 2024. Maki Caenis photo.

Thank you very much for visited me from U.S.A.!! May 15th Maki Caenis photo.

Thank you very much for visited me from U.S.A.!! May 9,10,11. Maki Caenis photo.

Thank you very much for visited me from California U.S.A.!! 2024.Mar. 18th 19th and 20th. Maki Caenis photo.

Thank you very much for visited to Japan from U.S.A.!! Mar 14th 2024. Maki Caenis photo.

Had a great day on the Kanna river with Maki catching Yamame and Iwana.
Maki was an exellent guide,getting me into fish with the right flies,
all of which he hand ties,and made the right adjustments for picky trout.

In addition to great day of fishing,
Maki made my trip easy by arranging for my stay
at a traditional ryokan inn that had great food,
including bear and wild boar that the owner had hunted himself.

He also prvided pick up and drop off to the closest station.

This allowed me to take the Shinkansen out from Tokyo with no worries,and
the whole trip was an easy day and a half.

I highly recommend spending some time with Maki
if you are looking for a great fly fishing experience in Japan.
(From U.S.A)  

Guide Service,

We have guided people from the following countries,
mainly for fly fishing in Japan.

Canada. British Columbia, including Vancouver Island.
USA, including Alaska and Hawaii.
Scotland, United Kingdom.
New Zealand, Australia.
India, Dubai.
Belgium, Italy, France, Sweden
and other parts of Europe.

We sincerely appreciate your support and cooperation.
Thank you so much for visited to Japan.

Canadian Kiwi English speaking,

Only 1 professional Fly fishing ,Tenkara and
Center pin fishing guide,

Guiding place not listed in guidebook,
Not only fishing.

Guiding Japanese local foods,Bear meat,Trout Sashimi.
Only if you want.


Guiding my mentor.

Guiding my mentor at River Sai,He's casting under hand casting.

We fished King salmon and Steel head at Campbell river,Vancouver Island,B.C. Canada,Summer 1986.

He guided Japanese fly fisher men to B,C.Canada more than 10 years with Canadian guide.

Client double hit.

Client double hit.

Location,River Sai,Nagano prefecture,Japan.


Limited guide service,Glamping Fly fishing guideservice at river side,

Drink beer,Wine,Whiskey after the fishing,While surrounding the bonfire.

Going to sleep listening to the sound of the river,Wake up morning listening to the sound of the river.

Cast your fly again and again till end of the day...

The experience in mother nature will be memories that can not be forgotten.

Summer and autumn, limited courses.



Rainbow trout

Brown trout

Gyotaku art by Maki Caenis.

1 week guided trip.

Client trophy from Australia.

From 1 week guided trip. 

6 years old client.

6 years old client holding Shaku-Yamame.

We went to fly fish in Nagano prefecture which Maki. We arrived very late but he was waiting for us at the hotel to welcome us. The next morning we did a bit of leader preparation with very good japanese leaders and tippet that Maki is selling online and went to a Stillwater starter: We hooked a couple of nice rainbows and Maki made a beautiful ink print of it on Japanese paper. The next day we went fishing in a river and missed a few fishes. The lunch in a tatami room overlooking the river was extraordinary. The third day was spend on a lake in the mountains surrounded by a forest of beautiful straight, tall trees. The weather was wetter and we missed many fishes but enjoyed taking a few small ones anyway. We invited Maki for very enjoyable dinner and ended the stay with a very relaxing Onsen.

Phillipe san. French client from Hong Kong.

We really appreciate you coming back again afterwards. It was a real pleasure to guide you both on the river, the mecca of Japanese spey casting, after you and your wife went to learn to spey cast with a female spey casting champion. I respect the enterprising attitude of the two of you. I also admire both of you for your good manners. Congratulations on your double hit.

Until we meet again some day.

Photo:Japanese Kamoshika. Protected species. 

Photo; 1 week guided trip.
From Australia. Thank you.

日本食- Japanese food

Healthy, traditional Japanese cuisine using local ingredients.

お寿司- OSUSHI, Omakase

Delicious sushi, of course, but also freshly fried miso katsu (pork cutlet) and fried chicken, which are great with Japanese beer.

Enjoy freshly fried tempura of wild vegetables, mushrooms, matsutake mushroom soup and sweetened baby crucian carp fish, which change according to the season.

My good friend and I spent 2 incredible days fishing with Maki while visiting Japan for the Rugby World Cup. We flew from California and immediately boarded a train to the mountains in the Nagano Prefecture. Maki picked us up and took us to his local sushi restaurant in town. The owners prepared an incredible traditional meal for us and Maki helped us learn Japanese traditions and manners which was immensely helpful as it was our first time in Japan. The next morning we traveled to the River Kana in search of Yamame. We immediately hooked into a gorgeous fish and were mesmerized by the Jurassic park-esque surroundings and gin clear water. Maki patiently instructed us in the delicate and stealthy art of wild Yamame fishing and made tackle changes quickly and ensured sure we both had equal opportunities to hook up. We spent all day on a secluded river and didn't see another angler all day. The second day we visited several rivers and my inexperienced (in fly fishing) fishing buddy landed a "trophy" Iwana on a tenkara rod. It was incredible to learn tenkara from a true master and receive generations of knowledge in the birthplace of the simple yet traditional method. We traveled up a small stream for hours and were again taken aback by the wondrous surroundings.That night we returned to the sushi restaurant and had another incredible meal. I can't thank Maki enough for a truly unforgettable trip, and my first guided fly fishing experience. His laid-back attitude and patience matched our energy perfectly and we laughed all day long. We were always prepared with lunch and gear and ate and slept like kings at the Riverside hotel and local spots. Maki is the perfect guide for fishermen of any level and provided us a ton of knowledge that served us well for our entire trip. I cannot wait to visit again and hope Maki will visit California and we can return the favor.
"Take risks, get trophy."
Thanks Maki!Tyler San Rafael, Ca

My brother and I fished with Maki for two days at the end of September. We had a fantastic time learning many valuable skills and techniques whilst fishing in some incredibly picturesque locations. We would definitely recommend his tutoring service and plan to return in the near future.Niccolo Piacentini. Italy

四季-Four Seasons of Nagano, Japan
Maki Caenis photo


Home River in spring.River Yu, Nagano, Japan. The best season for Yamame (landlocked salmon) fishing starts when the cherry blossoms are in bloom and many aquatic insects are hatching. I have been fishing this river since the 1980s.
This is also the best season for sea run cherry salmon. Sea side, Not Nagano prefecture.


Shiraito Falls; a tourist attraction in Karuizawa. Is. It is called Shiraito Falls because the cascading waterfall looks like white silk threads. A toll road must be passed through. There are a few native Iwana, but care must be taken in bear habitats.
This river, fed by Mt Asama, is the home river River Yu. It is a tributary to the Chikuma River, the longest river in Japan.


River Sai; good double-handed river for experienced anglers. Mecca for Japanese spey fishers. Mainly brown trout and rainbow trout; one of the main challenges is to catch fish over 70 cm. Regulations vary from place to place on the same river.
In autumn, fishing for Yamame and Iwana is possible in Nagano Prefecture until the end of September.


Rainbow trout, brown trout and Hako Steel head are the main targets in winter. There is also hatchery for beginners. Please note that Yamame and Iwana are prohibited, so regulations must be strictly observed.

The photograph shows Kagami-ike Pond in the tourist resort of Togakushi.

5+ advantages of hiring a professional Japanese local guide for you.

Hatch information and more detailed ecological guidance.

Say each season's hatch of abundant aquatic insects. We have all the appropriate flies to meet the hatch. Match the hatch is one of the keys to fly fishing in Japan, especially for yamame and iwana. The use of the right fly is important for rising fish in big rivers, sometimes even for cherry salmon.

*Only for customers who have made a reservation.

Original flies

Bulky dry flies with widely differing light patterns are almost always unworkable.
Hundreds of rich original patterns of Flies. From size #32 to #2/0 low water single. Tenkara Sakasa-Kebari, dry flies, emergers, nymphs, terrestrials, streamers, traditional wet flies, tube flies, classic salmon flies. All tied by Maki Caenis.

*Only for customers with reservations.

Tackles advice

For example, the Japanese typically enjoy fishing for midge on a 12x Tippet in size #32 in early spring. This is because there is a real hatch of this size and the fish can be eclipsed and eat them. If the size and colour are right, you will catch them. This is also over-optimistic. There are countless ways to catch a fish, such as using the right small flies in light patterns and avoiding showing the tippet. Sometimes the fishing is more delicate than you can imagine. Like the Japanese, Japanese fish are very sensitive. Can you do this kind of fishing with your tackle?

*Only for customers with reservations.

Extensive tackle rental

If you wish, you can use rods made by Maki Caenis himself for actual fishing.
Single-handed 0weight,1weight. Two hand, 6weight Underhand, 6weight to 8weight Spey, overhead. All hand-built by Maki Caenis in limited production.

*Only for anglers who take good care of their equipment and who have signed up for the guide service.

The revised law establishes the offences of violation of the prohibition of the harvesting of certain aquatic animals and plants, and the offence of passing on poached fish, with the maximum statutory penalty for a person being the maximum amount of money that can be paid to a person. The statutory penalty is the maximum penalty for a person (30 million yen). The maximum penalty for unauthorised fishing and infringement of fishing rights has also been increased, and overall penalties have been raised.
Act on the Regulation of Foreign Fishing.

General advice

Assist with the purchase of fishing tickets and explain complex and difficult-to-understand Japanese fishing laws by translating kanji and Japanese characters.
For example. The main difference between New Zealand Fish & Game and Japan is that Japanese fishing rules are based on the fishing industry. Therefore, the rules are designed to protect the people who run the fishing industry, and fishing for recreation must abide by these rules, which is a big difference from overseas.
There are many rules and unspoken rules that are unique to Japanese anglers that you cannot simply rely on just by buying a fishing ticket. It is necessary to understand them to avoid trouble at the fishing spot.

*Only for customers who have made a reservation.

and more...


Visit local wineries. Autumn is the best time to visit. Tastings available. Optional course.

*Only for customers who have made a reservation.

gibier: Wild game

This food culture has long developed in Europe as a traditional dish of the aristocracy, and hunting is also practised in Japan by people with special licences. Venison, wild boar and the very rare Japanese bear meat are very popular with international clients. Depending on where you stay, please confirm at the time of booking.

*Only for customers who have made a reservation.

Photography and Videography

We often ask our clients to use our guide service as a gift for their loved ones or themselves. We are happy to help you take photographs to commemorate the occasion. You can also use it to post on your social networking sites. Whether you are on your own, with friends, as a couple or as a family.

Caenis Dub

Original material designed to faithfully reproduce the colours of the aquatic insects on which Yamame feeds. It can be used to tie emerger, nymph, larva, pupa, cased caddis, as well as duns and spinners. For all those who love fly ting. Available in limited quantities. Please let us know if you would like one when booking. Only available from me. 

Japanese leader and tippet of the highest quality in the world.

Long-standing international export business. We only use Japanese leaders and tippet. There are many people who say. They are also recommended by local shops for Atlantic salmon fishing. We use fresh tippet from the factory, not tippet that has been left in the car for a long time or tippet that has deteriorated in the shop due to long-term exposure to ultraviolet light. We do not stock them. The thinner the tippet, the more important it is to fish with a tippet that has the original strength. Choose from a wide selection and the latest models. If necessary, we will advise you and provide you with the necessary equipment at actual cost. Next to the fly, it is the most important thing. We also offer our customers a secret loop-free connection method for 0-weight and 1-weight fly lines. The wrong connection will make the line weight heavier and therefore useless. Forget about loops on light fly lines. And old leaders and tippets should be thrown away every season.

Only available to those who have booked the guide service.

It is not just a guided tour in English.
The tour is accompanied by a guide who stays in the same accommodation and shows you the rooms, the facilities and explains how to use them. It also includes ordering and explaining meals. The guide stays in the same accommodation to give you peace of mind in case you are in the countryside and do not understand English at all.
When I have guided for a week in the past, including double bookings, I stayed in the same accommodation as my clients and travelled and guided with them through Nagano Prefecture.
I never went home during this time.
This is a service that only we offer.

I recently returned from a trip to Japan and had the great pleasure of spending a day (albeit rainy) fly fishing with Maki-san.
He is VERY patient and knowledgeable, especially with this beginner/beginner! Maki-san was very accommodating and always receptive to my needs as a newer participant in this wonderful sport!
His English is very very good and he makes you feel very relaxed and at home in his home country!

The nature and landscape are beautiful and the people are wonderful.

I would highly recommend Maki-san for any fly fishing plans you have in Nagano Prefecture.
Thank you so much Maki-san for the great day of fishing and I look forward to seeing you on the west coast of Canada soon!

Nolan Aldred


Qualifications held.Japanese Red Cross first-aid qualification (has passed the academic, practical and examinations. Never actually used at work).Breaststroke Level 1 (passed the test when I was in primary school) and 25m bare diving record.Large vehicle driving licence.Licence with a gold star rating. as of 2023. 
Member of
Yukawa Yamame Unlimited.
Native  Iwana  Unlimited,
Wild Rainbow trout  Unlimited.

(Some of the sales will be donate to Yukawa Yamame Unlimited)