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Exellent guide, getting me into fish with...

Had a great day on the Kanna river with Maki catching Yamame and Iwana.
Maki was an exellent guide,getting me into fish with the right flies,
all of which he hand ties,and made the right adjustments for picky trout.

In addition to great day of fishing,
Maki made my trip easy by arranging for my stay
at a traditional ryokan inn that had great food,
including bear and wild boar that the owner had hunted himself.

He also prvided pick up and drop off to the closest station.

This allowed me to take the Shinkansen out from Tokyo with no worries,and
the whole trip was an easy day and a half.

I highly recommend spending some time with Maki
if you are looking for a great fly fishing experience in Japan.

(From U.S.A) 


We are brand new to fly fishing,and visiting Japan.
We spent 2 awesome days with Maki.
He proved to be an excellent guide and accomplished instructor.

He introduced us to the proper use and care of the equipment,
the proper choise of leader,Tippet,and flies for conditions and species targeted.

He showed us Proper casting and precentation techniques,
Line management where we put these new skills into action.

We caught plenty,and had a great day.
We advanced to mooded streams where leamed to read the water and
present properly.Success there as well.

He has a life time of knowledge in the various patterns he ties.

After guiding us he will be busy replacing his inventory!

A great personality and kind person with a permanent smile
as he teaches someone the sport he loves.

His English is goo and you will not be disappointed with his service. 


I am Japanese American stopped by Nagano before my 17 year old American daughter and I visit my familly.
I hired Maki for my daughter's passion for fishing. Maki welcomed us.
It was fasciating to see how he observes water and fish flow.
He changed his hand tie flies which looked like a piece of art every hour.
Even I could fish a beautifull rainbow trout.
Maki was so happy for us if he fished himself.

I needed to save before my trip but it was well worth to be with Maki.

Thank you so much for one beautiful memory.

I will keep in touch with you.(From U.S.A.) 

Member of
Yukawa Yamame Unlimited.
Native  Iwana  Unlimited,
Wild Rainbow trout  Unlimited.

(Some of the sales will be donate to Yukawa Yamame Unlimited)
Qualifications held.Japanese Red Cross first-aid qualification (has passed the academic, practical and examinations. Never actually used at work).Breaststroke Level 1 (passed the test when I was in primary school) and 25m bare diving record.Large vehicle driving licence.Licence with a gold star rating. as of 2023.