My good friend and I spent 2 incredible days fishing with Maki while visiting Japan for the Rugby World Cup. We flew from California and immediately boarded a train to the mountains in the Nagano Prefecture. Maki picked us up and took us to his local sushi restaurant in town. The owners prepared an incredible traditional meal for us and Maki helped us learn Japanese traditions and manners which was immensely helpful as it was our first time in Japan. The next morning we traveled to the River Kana in search of Yamame. We immediately hooked into a gorgeous fish and were mesmerized by the Jurassic park-esque surroundings and gin clear water. Maki patiently instructed us in the delicate and stealthy art of wild Yamame fishing and made tackle changes quickly and ensured sure we both had equal opportunities to hook up. We spent all day on a secluded river and didn't see another angler all day. The second day we visited several rivers and my inexperienced (in fly fishing) fishing buddy landed a "trophy" Iwana on a tenkara rod. It was incredible to learn tenkara from a true master and receive generations of knowledge in the birthplace of the simple yet traditional method. We traveled up a small stream for hours and were again taken aback by the wondrous surroundings.

That night we returned to the sushi restaurant and had another incredible meal. I can't thank Maki enough for a truly unforgettable trip, and my first guided fly fishing experience. His laid-back attitude and patience matched our energy perfectly and we laughed all day long. We were always prepared with lunch and gear and ate and slept like kings at the Riverside hotel and local spots. Maki is the perfect guide for fishermen of any level and provided us a ton of knowledge that served us well for our entire trip. I cannot wait to visit again and hope Maki will visit California and we can return the favor.
"Take risks, get trophy."

Thanks Maki!

TylerSan Rafael, Ca

Our Native Iwana!

Tenkara Japan.


Sushi Party.

I had one of the best time fishing with Maki! He is very knowledgable and super friendly. He made my fishing experience one to remember for a long time... I would recommend his service to anyone... Japan is one of the best kept secrets in international fly fishing...
I can't wait to go back.

Christos Triantifilou

Winter guiding.

Brown trout.

Fish print Gyotaku art.

Rainbow trout!!

We had two enjoyable days fishing with Maki in Gunma Prefecture to kick off a short visit to Japan at the end of March. We caught many Yamame on both days and a very nice Rainbow, all on 8X tippet. Maki very patiently answered my many questions as he helped me plan the trip via email. Although he charges for things like lost flies that many guides in my experience do not, there are no unpleasant surprises and he goes above and beyond to make sure you have a good experience. He handled all arrangements for local accommodations, greeted us at the station, and stayed with us the entire two days, which included some excellent meals and a visit to an Onsen in addition to the fishing. He sent us many photos of our trip and even went out of his way on a snowy evening to give us a ride to our next stop, Karuizawa, after our second day on the water. If you are interested in fly fishing in Japan, book a trip with Maki on your next visit.

James H


Beauty Yamame.

Clear color water.



Had a great day on the Kanna river with Maki catching Yamame and Iwana.

Maki was an excellent guide, getting me into fish with the right flies, all of which he hand ties, and made the right adjustments for picky trout.

In addition to a great day of fishing, Maki made my trip easy by arranging for my stay at a traditional ryokan inn that had great food, including bear and wild boar that the owner had hunted himself. He also provided pick up and drop off to the closet station asking only that I help with the gas. This allowed me to take the Shinkansen out from Tokyo with no worries, and the whole trip was an easy day and a half.

I highly recommend spending some time with Maki if you are looking for a great fly fishing experience in Japan.

Paul Jespersen






I fished with Maki a couple of years ago during a late winter ski trip to Hakuba. I've written before about the incredible and intricate river systems in Japan. You are not likely to find a better man to guide you on them. Easy-going. Patient. Fully dedicated to the client and his or her success . . .Fishing with him again, during a more appropriate season, is top on my list of angling priorities.

Scott Padavan


Looking for rise...

Brown trout.

Rainbow trout.

Secret Flies.

I had a great time fishing with Maki - he is dedicated to making your trip a memorable one. He was a big help during the planning process and when I arrived, he was ready to find fish! I wanted to see a variety of waters and types of fish, so we fished river/stream/lake and caught Haya, Yamame,and some nice Rainbows. I learned lots and have a better understanding of the fishing that Japan has to offer. I hope I have a chance to visit again someday. Thanks, Maki.

Dane Eastlick


Learning how to tie fly at river side.

Maki Knot.

Native Yamame!!

Thank you Maki San, I had a unique experience fishing for Yamame in Japan, an experience I'll never forget. The rivers are peaceful and their was hardly no one else around. Maki was very patient with his instruction for me, as I am unexperienced in Fly Fishing. Thanks again Maki, hope to see you again!

Brian Mtsu


Fishing fast current.

NIce Yamame!

Peacuful, Clear water.


I had a fun day on the water with Maki-san. He actively managed my flies, gave good advise on targets and retrieves, and spoke great English.

Matt Copenhaver




Gin clear color water.

Thank you!!

Maki is an outstanding fishing guide. His local knowledge of the habits of Yamame (a landlocked salmon) and Iwana (a river char) is exceptional and I had a great experience landing Yamame in a beautiful mountain stream on 7x and 8x tippet. Challenging fish to catch as they are very wary, but we had a great day and brought enough to the net that I lost count (and, of course, I busted quite a few more off!). In addition to a great fishing experience, I enjoyed Maki's friendly and welcoming personality and he set up amazing traditional Japanese accommodations and meals that were almost as good as the fishing. I would highly recommend him for anyone who wants to experience the unique and rarely fished by non Japanese anglers waters he guides on. His English is excellent and he handled literally all the details. He is a patient teacher and when I landed a particularly large Yamame we were sight fishing for in a tough spot on very fine tippet he was more excited than I was! I highly recommend him!

Robert Hobart


TROPHY YAMAME!! 48cm...On 7x tippet.

Fighting another Yamame.


Rainbow trout at lake.

Had tough conditions which often happen when you plan a trip far in advance, but I have enough experience to know Maki knows his stuff. In fact, I was surprised how much he had in common with my trout bum friends back in the United States. Not long after meeting he seemed like a fishing buddy I've know for years. Cold front gave us two rough days of fishing, but it started to warm and hatch started shortly before I had to leave and managed a nice rainbow. Will have to return for Yamame and Iwana. Despite the fish not cooperating, had a great time with beautiful surroundings.

Scott Heidrich


Nice casting.

Fishing at big river.



Maki Caenis provided an experience that probably no one else in Japan could provide; tailored, English-speaking, one-on-one flyfishing guide service in the mountains of Japan. I had only one day to fish but my hope was to catch both Yamame and Iwana high in the mountains on light fly line. As a bonus, I was hoping to catch some of these natives on a tenkara rod using traditional Japanese techniques. Maki made all of this happen, and imparted good cheer and knowledge along the way."


Clinton 7/17/17





Maki san is a very friendly, patient, and knowledgeable man. I had a great day fishing and would highly recommend his guide service to anyone interested in fishing in Japan! You can tell he really wants you to get the most out of the day and has excellent advice for any beginner. Next time I am in Japan I will definitely be back!

Nathan Janssen


Rainbow trout.

Our beautiful river...

We found good fish!

Finally. Well done!!

Maki san is a very experienced guide who knows his rivers in Nagano Prefecture well. He arranged nice equipment for me and tied me some effective flies. With his guidance I caught Yamame, Iwana, Amago and Rainbow Trout, using both upstream and downstream techniques.

Safety of his clients is top priority for Maki san. He drives carefully and offers useful advice and physical help with wading.

He is a good teacher and an entertaining companion, both on the river and at the Ryokan afterwards.
Maki san's English is good.

Nick Jefcoat


Maki shared some wonderful spots with me and gave me a great appreciation for how best to fish Yamame using his bamboo rod. It was definitely worth the short trip out of of Tokyo.

John Ames


We are brand new to fly fishing, and visiting Japan. We spent 2 awesome days with Maki. He proved to be an excellent guide and an accomplished instructor. He introduced us to the proper use and care of the equipment, the proper choices of leader, Tippet, and flies for the conditions and species targeted. He showed us Proper casting and presentation techniques, line management, proper playing of the fish, and how to properly handle and release a trout.
He took us to an impoundment where we put these new skills into action. We caught plenty, and had a great day.
We advanced to wooded streams where we learned to read the water and present properly. Success there as well.
He has a lifetime of knowledge in the various patterns he ties. After guiding us he will be busy replacing his inventory!
A great personality and kind person with a permanent smile as he teaches someone the sport he loves. His English is good, and you will not be disappointed with his service!

Mac Miller 6/1/15 

Thank you so much for visited me!!

I would like to express my joy and gratitude for visiting an unknown person like me who lives in the countryside and hearing these people's voices.

The gift that was given to me when I was born was put to good use, not for myself, but for many people who love fly fishing. People with disabilities, children, the elderly, beginners, people from all over the world, regardless of gender or nationality.

Fly fishing is loved across borders and I sincerely appreciate the interaction with everyone.

Thank you very much for your kind words and for coming to Japan.


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