Limited course for experienced two-handers only.

ITO Hokkaido.

Japanese native fish and designated endangered species ITO. ITO is NOT TAIMEN.
June or November.
Each 1-week course; book at least 1 month in advance.

Cherry salmon.

Spring run from the sea. Best season is said to be when the cherry blossoms are in bloom; from mid-February high water, to low water at the end of May.
Each one-week course; book at least one month in advance.

As a minimum, you must be able to cast a monofilament running line with a 2 hand rod without trouble and be able to cast both on the right and left bank without problems.

This is not a practice session, so if this does not apply to you, please consider other courses in order not to waste each other's time.

The reason is that the guide will be driving more than 8 hours each way to get to the site. Because it's worth it.

Again, courses for experienced two-handers only.