Had a great time in Nagano prefecture with Maki.
He went out of his way to make my stay enjoyable. He is very enthusiastic about his craft and very knowlagable.
I learnt a great deal while fishing with Maki.
Great guy, great guy, highly recommended.

Stefan Schaufelberger


Yamame, NIce Catch!

Home river.

Nice camera.


It's always a good idea to find a guide for your first time fishing in a new and different country, and recently I had the pleasure of fishing with the humble Maki Caenis.

Since we were only a couple of hours outside of Tokyo city, it was an easy decision to include a visit to Nagano Prefecture during our maiden trip to Japan.

It was our first time visiting the spectacular country of Japan and Maki san made everything perfect and easy, tailoring a perfect day of fly fishing, exploring new crystal clear fast and slow flowing rivers to hugely contrasting and incredibly beautiful scenic mountains.

It was a fantastic introduction to fishing in Japan.

Japan is like a fantastic hidden gem, despite rain on the day we had a fantastic day with loads of good quality fish landed!, with today's trophy a spectacularly colored 60cm FAT brown out of a small side stream.

His obvious passion for fly fishing along with his extensive local knowledge and excellent understanding of the English language make him a perfect choice for your next Japan fishing trip.

I can't thank Maki san enough for one of the best experiences of my life, I look forward to my next visit to Japan and fishing with my friend Maki san again in the future.

I highly recommend him. If you are into fly fishing I am sure you will have a great time!

Ray Tang



Nice Brown trout.

NIce catch!!

Another nice Brown trout!

Thank you!!

I recently returned from a trip to Japan and had the great pleasure of spending a day (albeit rainy) fly fishing with Maki-san. He is VERY patient and knowledgeable, especially with this beginner/beginner! Maki-san was very accommodating and always receptive to my needs as a newer participant in this wonderful sport! His English is very very good and he makes you feel very relaxed and at home in his home country!

The nature and landscape are beautiful and the people are wonderful.

I would highly recommend Maki-san for any fly fishing plans you have in Nagano Prefecture. Thank you so much Maki-san for the great day of fishing and I look forward to seeing you on the west coast of Canada soon!

Nolan Aldred




Brown trout, Nice catch!!

Nice catch!!

We saw Monkey!!

Maki provided outstanding service the two days I fished with him. He is absolutely passionate about fly fishing and Japanese nature/wilderness,

He is patient, knowledgeable and has excellent equipment that is well suited to the fishing you do. His custom rods are really well designed and work very well!

He has a great demeanor and personality, is easy to get along with, fun to be around and his English is very good.

Would recommend 100%.

Chris Wysocki



Fish came to dry fly!!
and it was 5x!!!

NIce catch!!!

Rainbow trout, Nice catch!

Lucky Chris san, You have my gyotaku art!!

We went to fly fish in Nagano prefecture which Maki.
We arrived very late but he was waiting for us at the hotel to welcome us. 

The next morning we did a bit of leader preparation with very good japanese leaders and tippet that Maki is selling online and went to a Stillwater starter: We hooked a couple of nice rainbows and Maki made a beautiful ink print of it on Japanese paper.

The next day we went fishing in a river and missed a few fishes. The lunch in a tatami room overlooking the river was extraordinary.

The third day was spend on a lake in the mountains surrounded by a forest of beautiful straight, tall trees. The weather was wetter and we missed many fishes but enjoyed taking a few small ones anyway.

We invited Maki for very enjoyable dinner and ended the stay with a very relaxing Onsen.  

Philippe Gabulon



Fish print Gyotaku.

Thank you so much for visited to Japan!!

Fishing with Maki was great. He speaks English well and is really enthusiastic. We fished small rivers, more like streams and the countryside was amazing. He is extremely skilled in wading these flood waters and is very patient. We were fishing mostly alone but it did not phase him when another 5 people turned up who had never fly fished before. We went to a lake and everyone had fun though Maki was running around all the time undoing knots, replacing flies etc and was half dead at the end of the day.

Highly recommended, I will be going again.

Peter James

Professor of Proteomics

Lund University

Finnish Distinguished Professor

Åbo Academy University





Iwana on dry fly.

Nice Yamame!!

Maki San is a great fishing guide with a great knowledge of fishing in the Nagano region. There are very few people who can honestly say that they spend 200 days a year on the river. His time and incredible attention to detail on the water and surroundings have given him an intimate insight into the habits of the fish and their ever-changing appetites throughout the season. He is a knowledgeable and patient teacher, with good English skills.

Daniel Lui



Thank you so much for visited to Japan from C

My brother and I fished with Maki for two days at the end of September. We had a fantastic time learning many valuable skills and techniques whilst fishing in some incredibly picturesque locations. We would definitely recommend his tutoring service and plan to return in the near future.

Niccolo Piacentini



Wild Rainbow trout.

Thank you very much for visited to Japan!!

Maki San is by far one of the most professional fishing guides I've ever met. His attention to river conditions, fly life and rigging details were impeccable. If it wasn't under his guidance,
I would have blanked the day with only a visual appreciation of Japanese beautiful sceneries.
The day ended with 4 beautiful Iwana and Yamame.
They put up tremendous fights. Very much enjoyed the day!!

Randy Liekenjie.
New Zealand.


I would like to express my joy and gratitude for visiting an unknown person like me who lives in the countryside and hearing these people's voices.

The gift that was given to me when I was born was put to good use, not for myself, but for many people who love fly fishing. People with disabilities, children, the elderly, beginners, people from all over the world, regardless of gender or nationality.

Fly fishing is loved across borders and I sincerely appreciate the interaction with everyone.

Thank you very much for your kind words and for coming to Japan.

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