The purpose of this legal information is to set up access to this website so that users can participate after accepting the above principles and access conditions.1. The purpose

The purpose of the Caenis phishing guide service through this website is to provide a further communication channel to communicate with customers, customers, and the public.2. Website license agreement.

This website is operated by the Caenis Fishing Guide Service.Caenis Fishing Guide Service is outside the general terms restricting access, navigation, use of "caenisflyfish.com" website. Use of responsible graphics, drawings, designs, codes, software pictures, music, videos, sounds, databases, images, expressions, information, and other works protected by domestic law, and property of international treaties.3. - Access and data security

3.1. Access to "caenisflyfish.com" is free.

3.2. The data is a data item, and that data becomes part of the file belonging to caenisflyfish.com. This data is not handled secretly by me and it will not be forwarded to third parties. Access, rectification, cancellation. In order to protect your personal information please contact Caenis phishing guide service with suggested address or e-mail address: makicaenis@gmail.com.

3.3 The information on the data protection policy of Caenis fishing guide service is described below.

3.4 Caenis Fishing Guide When accessing the web page of the service, the server and user behavior tracker will store the data according to the following standards and protocols.

The IP address assigned by the Internet service provider.

The visited web page.

Not only the visited page, but also the date and time of the visit are displayed.

Other information collected is necessary for the smooth operation of the website and is necessary to make the website useful and useful whenever possible.

3.5 Caenis fishing guide service (and some external devices used to provide services and content) monitors cookies to monitor collected preferences and user information.

Cookies will improve the user's website using a small file asking permission to place in the computer's navigation. At the same time, cookies help to identify the most common aspects of site content. Only cookies in the user's computer are identifiable and better advertisement information is provided. You do not need to enter your user ID and password each time you visit a site because personal data is stored in cookies only if you have access rights, such as simplifying access to protected websites.

To do this, please access the homepage of the selected browser and accept cookie. Cookie disapproval means that the cookie function has restrictions and restrictions.4. Using the website

4.1. Content included in the Caenis fishing guide service is provided exclusively for consumers or end users. Unauthorized commercial use of the same and / or resale is explicitly prohibited unless the Caenis fishing guide service has previously granted written permission.

4.2. The use and / or contract of the service provided by "caenisflyfish.com" requires the user to register. Users are responsible for providing accurate and complete information. If you need to use a password for registration in order to access the service and content, the user promises to use that password faithfully and keep the same confidentiality. The user also promises not to transfer the password to a third party permanently or temporarily. If a third party who obtained the password for diligence from the original user used the password, the user is responsible for misuse of the service.

4.3. Access, navigation, and use of "www.caenisflyfish.com" are the responsibility of the user. The user promises to strictly follow the instructions the Caenis fishing guide service considers necessary for the use of "caenisflyfish.com".

4.4. The user promises to use the content in good faithful and legitimate way, specifically agree to dismiss the following:

Use the content in an illegal way, or use the content for a purpose or purpose leading to an immoral or public scandal.

If you are subject to intellectual property rights or industrial property law, you can reproduce, modify or modify the contents. It is considered legally permitted ..

Using content obtained from the website, specifically all kinds of information, advertisements, remote sales or service messages, and / or other types of conduct for commercial purposes, intended for general citizens, regardless of purpose Send annoying messages. In addition, we refrain from commercialization or disclosure of the above information.

All information, comments, suggestions, ideas, etc. received on this website are deemed to have been provided freely. Please do not send information that does not conform to this guideline.5. Liability and warranty

Caenis fishing guide service, express or implied, no legal or any other kind of warranty.

No availability of sites, or malicious elements such as bugs or viruses on sites or servers to make available.

The Caenis fishing guide service was caused by or caused in connection with the infringement of the conditions, norms and instructions set by the Caenis fishing guide service at "www.caenisflyfish.com", or was incurred by a third party Damages, losses, .com "or through interference with the IT security system,

Nonetheless, the Caenis fishing guide service carries out a smooth operation of "caenisflyfish.com" and a reasonable effort in keeping with the possibility of the enterprise and the current status of IT in order to prevent the presence and infection of the virus It is declaring that, bugs and other malignant elements.

At the same time, the Caenis fishing guide saervice is not responsible for any complaints or complaints that do not comply with the above conditions and directly or indirectly derive without reading the conditions.

6. - Link

Our website may contain links to visit other websites. Please be aware that Caenis fishing guide service does not have control over other sites. Therefore Caenis fishing guide service can not be held responsible for the management and content of these websites.

The Caenis fishing guide service shall not be held responsible for any claims, complaints or requests that may result as a result of services provided by third parties. The Caenis fishing guide service may allow third parties to advertise certain services.

"caenisflyfish.com". The Caenis fishing guide service is not responsible for and therefore responsible for setting general and specific conditions to be considered with respect to the use, promises or contracts of these services to third parties.

7. - Term and change

7.1. Caenis fishing guide service reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Such changes will take effect as they are posted on the website.

7.2. The period covering applying these general conditions is the same as the period displayed. If an entire or partial change is incorporated, the general condition is automatically changed, and the validity of the same condition is the validity of the changed condition.

7.3. Caenis fishing guide service reserves the right to terminate, suspend or discontinue.