Limited guide service.

Only intermediate to advanced and experienced 2-handers can apply.

About Sea run cherry salmon

Very popular due to the difficulty of fishing and the strength of the fight. It has a stronger pull than Atlantic salmon and fights like a British Columbia steel head. However, it cannot be caught in Nagano Prefecture. They cannot run up from the sea this far. You have to go to the regions by the sea.

For example, In some prefectures, you can only fish for cherry salmon if you have won a prize in a lottery. Of course, it is illegal for anyone else to fish. The lottery for this season's cherry salmon fishing has already closed.

I won't disclose it here, but We will go to other prefectures. The nearest is about a five-hour drive from Matsumoto by car. If there are snow-covered roads, it will take longer. The rivers are large and require stamina and fighting spirit, as well as safe wading skills, not to mention two-handed casting. It is not possible to guide beginners or intermediate anglers without extensive experience of fishing on big rivers. Every year anglers die in the river, so don't go fishing alone on your own just because you saw my website. Do not be overconfident.

I cannot be held responsible for any accidents that may occur.

Always put yourself in the fish's shoes and don't set your schedule according to human convenience: try to catch a Sea run cherry salmon in just one or two days. I would spend a week on a weekday. Avoid weekends.

There is also an airport, although it is a little further away, so it is possible to meet at the airport. Please confirm at the time of application.

Season; until end of May.
5days, Week day only.