1. How can I book accomodation in Japan for a guided trip with your service? 

Please ask me for accommodation I will book the most convenient place close to the river.

Please DO NOT BOOK accommodation before booking my guide service. 

2. How do I pay for a Ryokan (lodging) and fishing license?

Our guide service fee includes lodging so please do not worry.

As for fishing licence, You can not use your credit card, Credit cards and traveler's checks are not accepted. They only accept cash in Japanese Yen.

However fishing licences are very complicated and confusing here in Japan and can be included in the price to save your time.

3. Can you tell me about tackles? 

   What length and weight rod should I bring?

Tackle rental is available,Please ask me when you are booking.

It is included in the guide service fee but please pay the exact fee if you lost or broke a fly rod.

For Yamame and Iwana. (from season 2022)

I am using 7ft9in #0 weight Hollow build Bamboo rod, This is my main rod for Yamame.

8ft #1-2 weight Hollow build Bamboo rod for bigger like Hako Steelhead,

No more carbon rods.

Those rods are all medium to slow action.

If you want, Please do bring medium to slow action fly rod it is very very important.

Fly reel Click drag is fine.

For Rainbow trout.

Single hand,

8ft #4.5 weight. Mid action.

For Spey casting.

I use 12ft #6 weight Bamboo rod at big river with light weight sinking leader. Using Underhand casting.


12ft #8 Bamboo Spey rod when water level is normal or lower with a sinking leader.

In the morning or evening when I want to fish closer spots and when fishes are rising.Use traditional style Wet flies and Dry flies I tie by myself.

You may need 150m backing line minimum.

4, What Should I or Should Not I wear?

Please DO NOT WEAR Flashy colors Shirts, hats and rain gear not only for fishing,

White,Yellow,Red,and also Black color is NOT good. There are dangerous poisonous bees that will attack if they see these colors. The guide has a special spray, but it is very important before that, so please be sure to follow it.

Winters are warmer than Nelson B.C. but colder than Vancouver B.C.

 The temperature is intensely warm, and there are times when it is cold even in early summer. Especially for women, there are times when you need warm tights to wear under the waders, so please check when making a reservation.

5, What should I bring? 

Please bring Rain gear,Hat or Cap,Polarized lens and Waders.

No more waders rental after covid-19.

6, Expense  

Please note it is not included,

Your Lunch food and drinks,

Flies(Please pay only if you lost fly or many clients prefer to order before. Up to you and let me know).  My hand tied flies are very special.

7, Gratuity

Some clients pay gratuity after the fishing, It is up to you.

8, Can you pick me up at a nearby station? 

I will pick you up at the closest station,Which is Sakudaira shinkansen station.

I will give you a ride to Sakudaira station after a fishing trip.